Human hair extensions burgundy: which hair extensions type can be dyed burgundy?

There is no doubt human hair extensions burgundy is one of the hottest hair colors for years. Indeed, it helps consumers look on-trend and radiate positive confidence. Penetrating the high demand on this hair color, you are finding human hair extensions burgundy sources but still in trouble? This post is for you.


Human hair extensions burgundy is a hot trend hairstyle

Which hair types can be used for human hair extensions burgundy?

Human hair extensions burgundy is favorable among not only women but also men worldwide nowadays, have you known how to choose your proper one?

What is human hair extensions burgundy?

Clarified from its name, human hair extensions burgundy is human hair extensions made from 100% human hair collected from one or many donors. Based on the number of hair donors, the human hair extensions burgundy quality is divided into 2 main types: virgin hair and remy hair.


Hair extensions made from virgin hair and remy hair

Virgin hair – the best one for human hair extensions burgundy

Virgin hair is always the superior hair quality for customers who have a high budget because they want something really excellent and worth their expense.

What is Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is 100% human hair and has never been dyed or chemically used. There are some tips for realising whether your hair is virgin or not:

  • The simplest way is burning some hair threads. If your hair Burns out extremely quickly, your hair is real virgin
  • Test through bleaching: normally, virgin hair lightens very rapidly when bleached and dyed
  • The last thing you need to know: all virgin hair threads have cuticles. Run your fingers down straightly the length of your hair and feel its smooth

Human hair extensions burgundy made from virgin hair

Why virgin hair is ultimate? 

In reality, the virgin hair includes all features that helps it rank the top 1 luxury hair quality:

  • Not every country in the world has its own virgin hair sources, especially developed countries where women living with open opinions and tend to do some hairstyles or color their hair, so it quite rare.
  • Because of being collected from only one donor, the status of virgin hair is equal in almost every aspect: color, cuticles, length and health.
  • Virgin hair has never been chemically processed so it is ultimate for bleaching and dying, especially light colors because it can reach the standard sample colors.
  • If you buy virgin hair not for hairstyling or dyeing but simply to wear it along with your real hair, virgin hair can be treated as your natural one: you can wash or even sleep with it as it is less tangled and less shedding

Superior features of virgin hair

Remy hair – affordable hair materials for human hair extensions burgundy

If virgin hair is too expensive for you, remy hair is an ideal alternative. Let’s see what you can do with human hair extensions burgundy remy hair.

Definition and classification of remy hair

Unlike virgin hair, remy hair is haircut from more than one head. Remy hair is 100% human hair with the cuticles still intact. In a large definition, remy hair consists of remy and non-remy hair. Remy hair is hair whose cuticles are in the same direction while non-remy don’t. On the whole, when it comes to remy hair, people think about remy hair with cuticles aligned in one direction. And human hair extensions remy are also popular in use among almost all countries in the world


Human hair extensions burgundy remy hair

 Features of remy hair

Remy hair’s popularity can be explained in some of its excellent features as below:

  • Look as natural as your real hair
  • Give you smooth feel and less tangled than non-remy hair
  • Remy hair is really worth its price. You just have to pay a reasonable price for such a bargain.
  • Because of being collected from more than one donor, remy hair sometimes can be mixed from synthetic one or animal hair. So you should find a reliable hair company for importing hair in bulk.

Characteristics of remy hair

Is human hair extensions burgundy right for you?

Burgundy is the combination between blue and red, so you can choose more red for lighter color or more blue for darker one. In real life, very very few people were born with natural burgundy hair, but if you want to have one, there is a variety of burgundy tones that suits your skin tones. If you own fair skin tone, lighter burgundy with more red will make your face fresher. If your skin is quite brown, your better choice is dark burgundies because it helps shape your face perfectly. Moreover, you can consult human hair extensions red if you love naturally red hair color


There are numerous shades of burgundy

Some potential hair markets for human hair extensions burgundy

Penetrating that human hair extensions burgundy is so favorable in an industry of millions dollar as the hair market, many countries join and compete with each other. However, each of them have differents pros and cons

Indian market – where you can buy human hair extensions burgundy at cheap price

India is the market where you can find cheap hair prices but is it such a bargain? Let’s see if it is true or not.

In India, a Hindu country, both men and women donate their hair in temples as a way of showing their gratitude to God. This is where Indian hair sources come from. All hair are mixed and unsorted, which leads to the quite low quality and of course the cheap price. Besides, their hair may be mixed from human hair and animals’ hair.


Indian hair sources come from temples

Chinese market – a large market of human hair extensions burgundy

China is known as one of the largest hair markets all over the world as it is the largest population country with more than one and a half people.


Chinese hair extensions market

China mainly imported hair from different countries like India, Brazal,… for processing and reselling. Being a big country with billions of people, the government needs to create jobs for people in order to avoid unemployment, so they set up many factories, including hair ones.  In China, you can find both luxury hair and inequality hair but generally speaking, all hair is put through harsh chemical treatments for a silky and smooth look.

Vietnamese market – best choice for both quality and price

Vietnamese hair is well-known for its natural silky look and long-term durability. All hair is collected from 18-24 year-old women, who live in mountainous areas. Living here under the harshly cold weather, their hair is sunlight-free and no tangled. Moreover, they take advantage of natural herbs like: boket, lemongrass and grapefruit oil to wash their hair daily so the hair roots are strong and prevent hair lost. One of their widely-known hair products is Human hair extensions curly.


Vietnam is a potential hair market in the world

Hair price in three markets

In comparison, Vietnamese hair may be not as cheap as two others but its quality is doubly checked in both hair sources and processing chains, because in Vietnam, they have skillful workers equipped with modern technology.


Vietnamese hair is sold at a reasonable price

Things you should know about human hair extensions burgundy

If you are wholesale hair vendors putting effort in finding a reliable hair supplier, you should bear in mind these following things so that you can deal with any business and realize whether they are scammers or not.

Mistakes you should avoid when deciding to import human hair extensions burgundy

There are 3 viral mistakes you should know to avoid:

  • Poor plans: because you are in a desire to import hair, you don’t research the market and assume this price is high, believe 100% in what hair businesses say. This is the biggest mistake
  • Too compliant in choosing hair suppliers
  • Don’t ask for an invoice: this mistake is likely to happen when you are an individual customer and buy hair on a small scale. Invoice is something powerful if anything unexpected after you have received your hair in local.

Some mistakes you may know to avoid

How to import Vietnamese human hair extensions burgundy

If you are concerned about importing hair from Vietnamese factories, follow steps by steps:


Follow step tp step to import Vietnamese hair

Top 5 leading hair businesses in human hair extensions burgundy worldwide

Here is the top list of reliable hair distributors all over the world:

  • K-Hair Vietnam 
  • TedHair 
  • SGI Hair 
  • 5S Hair Vietnam 
  • Euphoria One Hair Extensions

K-Hair Vietnam – the biggest hair factory in Vietnam

K-Hair Company Vietnam is considered as the most dominant nominee among Asian high-quality raw hair suppliers and has ranked top 1 the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. They have been exporting raw hair materials to wholesale hair sellers in the world, especially the African market where women are in highest demand. Following the motto “Quality is King”, the company put endless effort in choosing assured hair resources in Vietnam to produce hair extensions items delivered to big hair markets.


K-Hair is a leading hair factory in human hair extensions burgundy

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

TedHair – the most favorable hair brand in China

TedHair is the most popular hair vendor in China, which is known for providing top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salon and online store owners around the world. They have some warehouses in America and attracts millions of clients every year that contributes much in expanding the business


Ted Hair is one of the biggest hair factories in China

 Contact for more information:

  • Telephone: (+91) 98843 33534
  • Gmail:
  • Website:

SGI Hair – one of the largest hair manufacturers in India

SGI Hair is the leading hair company in India which was set up in the late 1990s. After a long journey, their dream of success has come true. SGI Hair supply hair to about 25 countries worldwide with a variety in hair items: Weave, Curly Blond, Long hair, Lace Closures, Lace Frontals, Front Lace Wigs, Pre-Bonded Hair


SGI Hair is a well-known company in India

 Contact for more information:

  • Telephone: (+91) 98843 33534
  • Gmail:
  • Website:

5S Hair Vietnam – one of the oldest hair factory in Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam is one of the oldest Vietnamese hair factories. Indeed, it is a hair business established in the 1990s but at first, 5S just sells hair to loyal customers and those who buy hair directly from the factory. Recently, because of the Covid pandemic which seriously affects logistics worldwide, the managers decided to do marketing on the Internet so the name 5S may be new to you.


5S hair is another Vietnamese reliable hair supplier

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84855555348

Euphoria One Hair Extensions – the famous hair distributor in the UK 

Euphoria One Hair Extensions is the hair business that can meet your demand for luxury quality hair. They import the best hair from some countries like Brazil, India, and Mongolia for a specialized process. Because the UK is a developed country, it has ultimate machines for producing hair and selling them to upper class and celebrities.


Euphoria One Hair Extensions is a famous hair distributor in the UK

 Contact for more information:

  • Facebook: Euphoria-One Hair-Extensions
  • Gmail:
  • Website:
  • Telephone: +44 7771 788829

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