Human hair extensions online: the most favorable business tendency today.

Hair industry is now living in the age of international spread of COVID-19, which interrupts traveling in many aspects. As a result, human hair extensions online has become hotter and hotter. Indeed, it has been popular among wholesale hair vendors for years but until now, it has expanded to many people.


Overview in human hair extensions online 

Hair market is regarded as the industry of millions of dollars because many people became millionaires with their own hair career. If you have intentions, you need to research it for details and at first, an overview is necessary.

Why human hair extensions online become hotter and hotter?

Human hair extensions online is a form in which human hair extensions are sold on the Internet through E – commerce exchanges. Human hair extensions are on displays and presented their informations on websites.

The reasons why human hair extensions online is popular, as I have said, it is due to the Covid pandemic, but it is a partly reason. The main reason is that human hair extensions online bring managers and sellers huge advantages:

  • Don’t have to run an entire business to sell hair. What is need is the contact information and a business network with customers and shipping agencies
  • You can save costs as you may don’t need places for office.
  • Faster shipping to clients’ hands because you don’t need approvements of all departments
  • You can expand your business as boundless as your wish. Internet is an spaceless platform so it is totally impossible

Excellent advantages of human hair extensions online

Human hair extensions online is a thing for you if you want to expand your business in the Covid effects.

Problems you may face when doing business in human hair extensions online

However, is human hair extensions online as easy as you think about it? In fact, if you are a starter, you are likely to encounter some obstacles:

  • The biggest obstacle is competition. Many business sell hair on the Internet so you opportunities depend much on your business’s ability
  • In the age of technology, leading human hair extensions online businesses use specialized technique on their website interface in order to attract customers
  • Challenges in customer services: while some certain online company find it a advantages, others have to find solutions for dealing the problems of face-to-face interactions
  • If your hair business is at the early stages, it is such a problem in creating productivity.

Problems you may face when running a online business

Some risks of buying human hair extensions online

The moderner technology is, the higher risks you face when buying human hair extensions online:

  • Stolen personal information
  • Fake stores: you can deal with fake stores, they rush you to pay money and then disappear.
  • No-assured quality hair: hair business may play a trick on you by showing best hair but shipping you another one

Despite being attractive, human hair extensions online have some risks

E-commerce platforms which help your human hair extensions online business

Playing a significant role as a bridge between hair sellers and buyers is E-commerce platforms. Here are two most well-known that you should know before joining human hair extensions online industry


It can be sure that no one is strange to Amazon. Founded by one of the richest people on the planet – Jeff Bezos, Amazon is reliable for traders to cooperate with. All human hair extensions online are sold at approximately original price and the quality is assured. Being a hair seller, you have to adapt to many conditions so that your products can be on Amazon. 


Amazon helps connect customers towards suppliers worldwide

Known as Amazon of China, Alibaba is the biggest online business platform for B2B in the world. It is a commercial exchange developed by Alibaba group in China and a big house of millions of merchants and businesses. So, if you have opportunities to sell your hair through Alibaba, you can find a large amount of focus customers


Alibaba is regarded as Chinese Amazon

Where to find and sell human hair extensions online?

Nowadays, you can find human hair extensions online in any website, but on the whole, these following are the most known worldwide.

China – the biggest human hair extensions online market

Alibaba always gives Chinese wholesale hair vendors of human hair extensions online special policies so they are more likely to appear on the Internet. Moreover, there are many hair factories in China, which help reduce the rate of unemployment among billions of population. China tend to import hair from other countries like India, Brazil… for reselling but a small quantity of them are Chinese origin. 


Chinese hair market is very large

India – the hair industry supply you cheap human hair extensions online price

If you are an individual customer of low budget or your major customers are low or middle class, you can choose the Indian hair market for importing hair in bulk. The reason why Indian hair is so cheap is that mainly hair sources come from temples where Indian women shave their hair to show their belief and gratitude to God as a ritual. So, if your wish is for human hair extensions cheap, come to India hair market

Vietnam – ultimate for quality and reasonable price

Vietnamese human hair extensions online are beloved by wholesale hair vendors around the world because they can meet both their two demands: price and quality. Almost every resellers want to save cost and increase the revenue but still want high-quality human hair extensions online. In comparison, Vietnamese hair is much higher in quality than two other markets and the price is of course a little bit higher. But trust me, the quality always go with prices


Vietnam is a potential hair market in the world


South Africa – the potential market with high demand of human hair extensions online 

It can be said that South Africa is the country of human hair extensions online because the huge demand of women there for hair extensions. With special hair features, their hair is extremely curly and sometimes very short so they can not do any styles they want. As a result, they resort to hair extensions as excellent alternatives whenever they need some changes in hair appearance


Africa is a large market in demand for hair items

Top biggest human hair extensions online business in the world

If you are concerned about world hair market, you can not miss these leading hair factories in the world where you can find a variety of hair items for wholesale hair in bulk

Crown Couture – the most sought human hair extensions UK company

Being chosen by celebs and hair styles, Crown Couture has affirmed its reputation in hair industry for years. You can find a wide range of hair products with luxury quality in Crown Couture stores worldwide: clip-in hair extensions, closure,… and even hair accessories. If your business aims at upper class customer groups, this is a ideal hair extensions sources for you.


Crown Couture is one of the leading hair business in the UK

Contact information:

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 131 229 2128
  • Facebook: CrownCouture Hair Extensions
  • Website:

K-Hair – one of the leading hair business in Vietnam

Vietnam is a potential market and K-Hair is known as one of the leading hair businesses there. It has ranked the top 1 biggest hair factory in Vietnam in 2020. With main factory in the North of Vietnam, K-Hair exports tons of hair overseas each month. K-Hair Vietnam supply you some high quality products like human hair extensions online weft, clip-in, tip/tape-in with 3 grade: super double drawn, double and single.


K-Hair is one of the top list hair factories in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Xbl Hair Factory – where you can by human hair extensions online in bulk

Xbl Hair Factory is a international hair business which supply hair for both domestic and overseas markets. Their main market is Africa America, who are the most in favor of Brazilian hair. Having been in hair market for about 20 years, they are now owning 2 factories in China.


Hair factory supplies you hair in large scale

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Tel: +86 13316272915
  • Whatsapp: +86 13316272915
  • Email:

Queenhair – a new but trustable Vietnamese hair brand 

This hair brand may be new to you. Queenhair was established some years ago in Vietnam but it name is widely-known in foreign wholesale hair vendors who import hair in a small scale. If you are a starter and want to find a co-operator, this hair business is a great suggestion.


Queenhair is a trustable hair business

  • Website:
  • Tel: +84335072000
  • Whatsapp: +84335072000

Hair King – an Indian company for customers in low budget

With more than 15 year in experience, Hair King supply hair to salons, wholesalers and retailer around the world. Almost all their hair products are made from remy hair and very diverse in forms: U Tip Hair Extensions, V-Tipped Hair Extensions, Stick Tip Hair Extensions, Loop Hair Extensions, Keratin U Tip Hair Extensions


Hair King is a place where you can buy hair online

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +919841325321


What hair quality can be made human hair extensions online

Having know some trustable companies where you can import hair, you still have trouble in choosing hair quality for reselling in your wish scale because you are a starter, keep reading for more knowledge.

Hair quality for human hair extensions online

Based on quality, human hair extensions online are divided into 2 main types: virgin hair and remy hair. Why people split them and let’s see how different they are.


Virgin hair and Remy hair

Human hair extensions online virgin

Human hair extensions online virgin is considered the best quality hair ever because of it superior features: 

  • Virgin hair is little popular in many developed countries because the hair which is regarded as virgin has to be the one that has never gone through chemical products.
  • Virgin hair is 100% human hair so it looks exactly like your real one
  • You can do any styles or color it 
  • You can treat it as the way you do to your natural hair
  • Can be re-used for times

Features of human hair extensions online virgin hair

Human hair extensions online remy

Remy hair is splitted into remy hair and non-remy. Among 3 hair quality, non-remy is the worst quality because its cuticles are not set up in the same direction so it easily gets tangled and hard for bleaching because the hair status is not really good although it is also human hair

When it comes to remy hair, people tend to think of it in narrow definition. Remy hair is haircut from more than one donors so many people may don’t like it. However, if your human hair extensions remy is in high quality, it can be regarded as virgin one.


Difference between remy and non-remy hair

Which one should I choose?

No matter what hair quality you choose, it depends on your budgets and purposes.

  • Virgin hair: because of its quite scarcity, the price is high but the quality is no doubt. This hair type is suitable for those who ask for best hair quality and they want to dye different colors regularly
  • Remy hair: not every remy hair is as good as virgin one so they are sold at a lower price in average. If you have medium budget, remy hair is for you 


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