3 Elegant Vietnamese Virgin Hair Styles In 2021

Vietnamese Virgin Hair is one of the most valuable hair types in the world. It is favored by many, especially Russians and Europeans. This article is an overview of why Vietnamese Virgin Hair is so valuable, bonus with elegant hairstyles in 2021 that you can try.

1. What is Vietnamese Virgin Hair? 

In this part, I will give you all the essential information in short about Vietnamese Virgin Hair. 

Vietnamese Virgin Hair – 1

1.1. Definition of Vietnamese Virgin Hair 

Hair extension is becoming more popular leading to various types of hair sources. Virgin Hair is the most luxurious and valuable hair type. However, the source of Virgin Hair is rare and hard to find.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair is taken from only one donor, it is the best quality hair extensions product in Viet Nam. Moreover, because of the climate where the donor lives, the quality of Vietnamese Human Hair is regarded as the best in the world.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair Wholesale – 2

1.2. Characteristics of Vietnamese Virgin Hair 

To buy quality Vietnamese Virgin Hair, you first need to investigate the characteristics of Vietnamese Virgin Hair. Here is the list of all the characteristics that you need to know about:

  • Vietnamese Virgin Hair donors: Vietnamese hair donors are strong women from 18 to 25 living in remote high mountain areas which have cold climates and little sun. Therefore, their hair becomes stronger and shinier. 
  • Never exposed with chemicals: Moreover, different from women living in the city or urban area, Vietnamese donors of Virgin Hair choose to use their shampoo with natural ingredients such as locust and lemon to protect their hair from chemical products. 
  • Vietnamese Virgin Hair price: The better the quality is, the higher the price is. Human Hair in Vietnam is the best quality hair product, making its price higher than others. However, this means that if you know how to preserve it in the right way, its average longevity is also longer than other hair types.
  • Vietnamese Virgin Hair color: Different from virgin hair extensions from India or Cambodia, Vietnamese Virgin Hair contains darker color, which suits with clients that prefer dark natural hair such as Nigerian or Africans. 
Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Vietnamese Virgin Hair color is darker – 3

Those characteristics made Vietnamese Virgin Hair one of the most hunted after hair extensions in many regions of the world. 

1.3. Pros and cons of Vietnamese Virgin Hair 

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Vietnamese Virgin Hair.

Strong, smooth, and shiny
Dye to the perfect color
Keep long hold
Easy to preserve
High price
Rare source 
Pros and cons of Vietnamese Virgin Hair – 4

Considering the pros and cons, if you want to have the best quality hair product with light tone dyed, long time using, Vietnamese Natural Hair is worth becoming your choice. 

2. Process of manufacturing Vietnamese Virgin Hair 

Vietnamese Virgin Hair factories are usually located in rural areas, where the climate is safe and clean.  All factories are equipped with high technology combined with modern machinery. Hair extensions workers are selected and trained carefully to know how to properly work with the hair. Here are how Vietnamese Virgin Hair is prepared for customers all over the world:

Vietnamese Virgin Hair Factory – 5

Step 1: Choose the hair donors. Hair donors are required to have a nutritious and stable diet, healthy lifestyle to have beautiful, strong and long hair. They will grow their hair for a certain period of time, usually 1-2 years.

Step 2: The factory collects hair from donors. Virgin hair is cut from only one person, so there are no messy hair ends, the hair usually goes in a certain direction, so there is no need to rearrange them.

Step 3: After the hair is cut, it is fixed with a fixed brace at one end to be brought back to the factory.

Step 4: At the factory, hair is bundled with standard lengths and weights. They are cared for and preserved with natural oils to keep hair smooth and shiny.

Step 5: With each customer’s need, the factory will style the hair as bleaching, dyeing or curling.

3. The outstanding features of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

What makes Vietnamese Virgin Hair the most competitive opponent in the world is clearly because of its quality, origin, and price.


As I mentioned above, the women donating virgin hair in Vietnam live in cold climates, so the hair will be healthy because there is less impact from the sun. However, in other markets such as Cambodia, India, or Cambodia with a lot of sunshine and dry weather, the hair will be drier and lead to brittle, not shiny. In addition, Virgin Vietnam hair guarantees 100% of its origin from Vietnamese women’s hair because Vietnam has craft villages specializing in hair. In the Chinese market, for example, they often import hair from many other countries, so the quality of the hair is not uniform.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Vietnamese Virgin Hair Features – 6


All of the Vietnamese virgin hair donors have to come through a comprehensive procedure in order to become a hair donors. They also have to be investigated by hair experts. That is why people all over the world buying hair extensions from Vietnam will never have to worry about their quality. 

Wholesale Price 

Although the price of Virgin Hair in Vietnam is higher than in other markets, the wholesale price will be more favorable to ensure both quality and economic efficiency for customers. In terms of economy, a reasonably priced set of quality hair will be more economical than using a cheaper but more frequent set of hair.

4. How to preserve Vietnamese Virgin Hair? 

Once you have got yourself a beautiful Vietnamese Virgin Hair, it is important to know how to take care of it properly to maintain the best quality of the hair extensions. There are several important notices to keep in mind:

  • Avoid sunlight. Sunlight is not good for our hair. The sun will make our hair dry, brittle, and even sunburned. Please note that if you want to keep your hair color right and healthy, do not let it directly expose to sunlight when you have not used them. 
  • Install correctly. Make sure that you put it right for your customers to make it beautiful as soon as possible. 
  • Do not use too many chemicals. A lot of chemicals make the hair become weaker and not be able to be used for a long time. 
  • Use specialized shampoo. Different hair types will suit different shampoos. For example, to keep bleached hair color, you must use purple shampoo to de-yellow hair. Recommend your customer the suitable shampoo to protect the quality of hair. All beauty requires time and perseverance.
  • Remind your customer of changing the hair extensions regularly. Each hair type has its own longevity. Not changing to wash the hair inside at the right time may result in many health problems. 

5. 3 Elegant Hairstyles from Vietnamese Virgin Hair Styles in 2021 

In 2021, bleached hair color becomes more popular in the world. However, for hair lovers, not all hair types are easy to color standards, easy to style, and keep for a long time. Here are 3 trendy, elegant hairstyles made from Virgin hair in 2021:

Long straight ombre hair

Vietnamese Virgin Hair has a strong and healthy scalp, moreover, its cuticles are completely aligned, that is why you can dye Vietnamese Hair Extensions to come out with the perfect color that you want. 

Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Ombre Vietnamese Virgin Hair  – 7
Long straight ombre hair from Vietnamese Virgin Hair – 8

This style is suitable for girls who are luxurious, and somewhat more mature. Straight hair will last longer than curly hair because it will be less tangled and less prone to dirt. In addition, if you want to decorate your hair, straight hair will have more decoration styles. In terms of fashion, this hairstyle is the most popular among models and celebrities.

Short curly ombre hair 

Besides long and straight Vietnamese Virgin Hair, you can also pick out this beautiful short hairstyle for a younger look

Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Short Ombre Hair from Vietnamese Virgin Hair – 9

This hairstyle is suitable for girls who pursue a lovely and active style. Obviously, short hair will make us feel more comfortable and active, along with bleached hair color, this hairstyle becomes more fashionable.

Long curly blonde hair

Or if you want an elegant and luxurious hairstyle, try the long curly blond Vietnamese Virgin Hair.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Long curly blonde hair from Vietnamese Virgin Hair – 10

Undeniably, this hairstyle will make you look more ladylike and haughty than ever. Long blonde curly hair combined with flowing dresses is the standard of princesses in Disney movies. You will attract all eyes when you appear wherever you are. 

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We hope that you find our post helpful. Please share with us your personal thoughts on how you think about Vietnamese Virgin Hair below.

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