Everything About Wholesale Russian Hair Extensions

There is no denying that the hair extension business has grown in recent years. If you wish to establish a business selling wholesale Russian hair extensions, the article below will teach you about the wholesale Russian hair extensions.

  1. Overview about wholesale Russian hair extension

Researching the industry and analyzing the product, particularly in the best human hair extension market, is one of the most significant phases in starting a business. Despite the fact that wholesale Russian hair extensions are not new, many people are still unfamiliar with it.

1.1. Why should you buy wholesale Russian hair extensions?

Wholesale Russian hair extensions providers are well-known for its Slavic hair brand, which is a form of hair extension USA. Hair extensions and hairdressers commonly refer to Slavic hair. Slavic hair, often known as “Russian/Ukrainian Gold,” is a sign of richness and the peak of hair beauty. 

Russian hair extensions are popular because of their natural silky texture, which is regarded as one of the most attractive hair kinds in the world. The need for Russian hair extensions stretches beyond the borders of Europe, as the fashion trend is now open and popular all over the world, resulting in the success of wholesale Russian hair extensions providers.

1.2. The future of wholesale Russian hair extensions

According to a research by industry specialists, wholesale Russian hair extensions have a very high potential and will continue to grow in the next years. The phrase “wholesale Russian hair extensions” is no longer new to those interested in cosmetics and hair style.

People’s beauty requirements are growing as their living conditions rise. Women frequently turn to the hair extension market to have longer, thicker hair without hurting their natural hair while styling in order to simply transform their appearance and become more beautiful. You can clearly see how vast and intricate the hair extension business is. However, this will provide you with additional possibilities, particularly in the wholesale genuine hair extensions market.

  1. The features of wholesale Russian hair extensions

Russian women are known for their incredibly shining blonde hair, thus Russian hair extensions are many girls’ fantasy. As a result, wholesale Russian hair extensions vendors took advantage of the situation to enter the market at exorbitant costs.

2.1. The price of wholesale Russian hair extensions

Because wholesale Russian hair extension supply is one of the most upscale markets in the world right now, prices for goods like 24 inch human hair extensions there are quite exorbitant, making them unsuitable for a variety of consumer goods. This is in contrast to hair extensions South Africa, which are known for being of low quality and low price. 

Because Slavic hair was one of the first sources of high quality raw hair in the hair extension industry, it was rather pricey. Wholesale Russian hair extension vendors are still producing, but the remaining amount is quite tiny, thus hair extension prices have risen since then. 

2.2. The quality of wholesale Russian hair extensions

In comparison to the exorbitant pricing of these wholesale Russian hair extension providers, the hair extensions goods offered must be of very excellent quality. Wholesale Russian hair extension providers have introduced international quality hair extension goods with beauty and precision using their expertise in the hair extension business and contemporary equipment to service the production process. Many reviews have acknowledged the high quality of this market’s hair extensions goods. 

Also, the wholesale Russian hair extension supplies are extremely rigorous management from the stage of picking raw hair sources, such as high-quality raw hair sources from Indian, Vietnamese, or Chinese markets, through the production processes. 

  1. Top 3 wholesale Russian hair extensions

We have chosen some well-known wholesale Russian hair extensions providers for your consideration, and we propose others if you want to improve revenues and broaden your client base.

3.1. Volosy 24

Since 2008, This company is one of the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers of real human hair at both wholesale and retail prices. 

They have recommended the Russian Federation’s Committee for Health and Hygiene Control to run a series of tests to establish that their hair extensions comply with all Russian Federation sanitary regulations. 

3.2. I love Slavic hair

Even though it was just founded in 2015, this supplier of wholesale Russian hair extensions has quickly grown in recognition. 

They are from Ukraine, which is renowned for generating Slavic hair that is the thickest. They are experts in gathering and selling local donors’ Slavic and Russian hair to hairdressers and cosmeticians.

3.3. Crown Cuture

Crown Couture is a wholesaler of Russian hair extensions situated in the UK that specializes in remy human hair of the highest caliber. Their hair is distinctive in that it is not only Russian but also blended with other hair kinds, such Mongolian hair, which is quite uncommon. 

When compared to other wholesale Russian hair extensions vendors, the price is outrageously high but not intolerably so.

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