Buy hair extensions guidebook

Hair extensions are an inseparable beauty item for many people in the world, especially in Nigeria, South Africa, and Europe. However, not everyone knows how to buy hair extensions that meet the quality, price, and origin standards. 

I. What is hair extensions and how to buy hair extensions

In this guidebook, we will present everything you need to know to become a pro at buying hair extensions. Let’s get right into it.

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What is hair extensions

Who doesn’t want long, luscious hair that makes them feel like a diva? If you have naturally long hair, congratulations! However, most women do not have long hair for various reasons, and hair extensions are the greatest option for them. Hair extensions give your hair volume and length, as well as the appearance of streaks if you use different colored extensions. Many celebrities use hair extensions on a daily basis. You may not have naturally long hair, but hair extensions can help you achieve it! 

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Hair extensions are hairs that are collected from hair donors. The hairs have to go through a strict test to be qualified for hair extensions. The most used hair extensions are human hair that is taken from the donors, the other type is artificial hair extensions, which aren’t preferable because it is harder to use. Today, we will only discuss human hair extensions and how to buy hair extensions that are human hair. 

There are 3 types of human hair extensions, each type contains different quality and price:

Virgin/Raw hair extensions: 

  • Hair is taken from one qualified donor
  • 100% unprocessed, completely align culticles
  • Best quality
  • Highest price
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Remy hair extensions:

  • Hair is taken from a group of qualified donors
  • 90-100% unprocessed, align culticles
  • High quality
  • Affordable price
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Non-remy hair extensions:

  • Hair is taken from unknown donors
  • Being processed multiple time, poor cuticles
  • Low quality
  • Very cheap
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Different ways to apply hair extensions:

  • Clip in: Apply hair extensions to your hair by small clips
  • Tape in: Apply hair extensions to your hair by sticky tabs
  • Glue: Apply hair extensions to your hair by special hair extensions glue
  • Wearing hair extensions cap: This is sewed in hair extensions in the form of a cap, all you have to do is put it on your head. (similar to a wig).

Check out our best way to apply hair extensions post to know how to wear hair extensions for the best result. 

Why many people buy hair extensions

The main benefit of hair extensions is to increase the volume and length of your original hair. Other than that, there are a few great advantages that hair extensions bring:

  • Cover a bad haircut: When you go to the hairdresser and come out with a result that you are not satisfied with. The best way to cover it is to use hair extensions to create a different look.
  • Change hair colour: Another reason why many people buy hair extensions is to change hair colour without having to dye the original hair.
  • Make the hair look fuller: People buy hair extensions to make the hair look fuller and healthier, and cover thin, damp hair.
  • Change hairstyles without doing anything to the original hair: You don’t need to spend more money to go to the hair salon, simply purchase a hair extension instead, you can order any style or colour you want. 
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The look of the hair contributes to our whole appearance, makeup maybe just a small part, but with gorgeous hair, there is nothing to stop you now.

Where to buy hair extensions

The quality of hair extensions defines the result after applying it. That is why it is very important that we need to learn how to buy hair extensions like a pro. There are two ways for us to buy hair extensions. Before knowing about these two ways, the first thing that you should do is spend your time digging into the information about hair extensions, what types of hair extensions you want to use , what kinds of application methods that can work best for you, what is the hair extensions style that you desire, etc.

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1. Buy hair extensions online

In the era of online shopping, the way we buy hair extensions isn’t an exception. So, how to buy hair extensions online. As usual, you need to put a little time and effort to do some research on the web. It is best that you go through websites, social media, newspapers, and blogs about hair extensions to see what are the famous and most trusted hair extensions brands.

2. Buy hair extensions offline

Finding quality hair extensions sellers near where you live isn’t hard. Hair salons usually sell hair extensions, however, the price is sometimes higher than buying from hair extensions distributors, and the quality of the hair extensions can’t be verified. Instead, find a hair extensions user that you can trust and ask them what brands they choose to buy hair extensions. Or do your own research to find quality hair extensions sellers/brands near you. A trustworthy hair extensions brand should have its own website with information like product details, customer feedback, prices, address, shipping policy, etc. 

If you buy hair extensions directly, you can test the quality of the hair before buying. 

II. How to buy hair extensions

Whether you buy hair extensions online or offline, it is essential to know the origin of the hair extensions. If your seller fails to present to you the origin of the hair, that means they are not trustworthy. 

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To know whether your hair seller gives you the right hair extensions, let’s see the characteristics of each origin. 

Most popular places to buy hair extensions

Hair extensions usually come from countries like Vietnam, Cambodia or India. The people that live there have natural long and strong hair because they live in a tropical environment, with an appropriate diet and never do anything to their hair (dye, curl, straighten,…). Here are a few characteristics of each hair for you to decide what is the country that you want to buy hair extensions from.

Buy hair extensions from Vietnam

Vietnamese hair is 100% natural human hair collected from Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 30 who live in Vietnam’s mountainous regions.

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  • Length: Vietnamese hair length varies from 8 to 32 inches, while Cambodian hair grows slower and shorter.
  • Hair thickness: Vietnamese ladies have thick hair as well. They are taken care of with natural plants, help  nourish the hair and avoid shedding. 
  • Ability to dye and bleach: Vietnamese hair can be bleached and coloured to any colour tone, including blonde 613, the brightest hue and the top selling in Europe, thanks to the strong hair base.
  • Black: Vietnamese natural hair colour is black, which complements the complexion tones of both men and women in the United States. It develops gorgeous, smooth hair that gives everyone in the world a flawless fresh look, not just Asian or African ladies.
  • Duration: When compared to competitors such as China (2-3 years) or India (6 months to 1 year), the endurance of Vietnamese hair is far superior: 8 to 20 years.
  • Price: Vietnamese hair is incredibly affordable when compared to its competitors. Indian hair used to be recognized for its low cost, but it is now quite expensive due to the difficulty in obtaining pure hair. Even Indian virgin hair is more expensive than Vietnamese hair, despite the fact that the quality is not as good.

With all of these amazing advantages, Vietnamese hair extensions are truly the most hunted after hair extensions in the world

Cons: The only disadvantage according to buyers is the black pigment of Vietnamese is strong and makes it harder to dye. You have to bleach the hair multiple times to get the colour right. However, the result will be amazing and the hair quality will maintain even after you bleach.

Buy hair extensions from India:

Indian women usually have long and strong hair, but with a lighter black colour. Indian hair donors also use natural ingredients to nurture their hair, that is why the hair is smooth and healthy. 

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  • Length: Indian hair extensions come with various lengths for you to choose from.
  • Hair thickness: Just like Vietnamese hair, Indian hairs are thick, but not rough and dry.
  • Ability to dye and bleach: Indian hair contains a lighter colour so it is easier for you to dye or bleach the hair extensions. 
  • Price: Indian hairs are cheap or expensive depending on the types of hair extensions. However, compared to Vietnamese hair, it is slightly cheaper, but with quality that’s lower than Vietnamese hair extensions. 


  • Can only last for about 6 months
  • Easily damaged
  • Quite tricky to blend with your natural hair

Buy hair extensions from Cambodia

Cambodian hair is famous for its volume, the volume is big and suitable with the small curly style.

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  • Hair thickness: Cambodian hair is thinner compared to Vietnamese and Indian hair extensions, but this feature helps it style easier.
  • Texture: Cambodian hair has a mesmerising texture. It is soft and smooth and mixes well with your natural hair.
  • Long life-span: Cambodian hair has a longer life-span than Indian hair extensions. Just like Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair can last up to 8 years.
  • Price: Affordable.

Cons: The only disadvantage of Cambodian hair is that it can easily lose its healthiness and can be damaged if we are not careful.

Each country possesses different characteristics and benefits. If you aren’t restricted with the amount of money spent on hair extensions, you can buy all 3 types of hair extensions above to assess it yourself. 

Tips to buy hair extensions 

Here are some extra tips for you to buy hair extensions easier:

  • Find brands that have direct contact with the country that you want to buy hair extensions from: These brands are more trusted. 
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: If you are new to all of these hair extensions things, it is OK to make mistakes when buying hair extensions. It’ll help you grow.

Now you’ve got a good amount of hair extensions knowledge to confidently buy hair extensions. If you find it hard to select a hair extensions seller/brand/distributor, you can read our recommended brands to buy hair extensions from below.

Recommended brands to buy hair extensions from

We’ve done some research to find out the favorite hair extensions brands according to hair extensions users. Apart from the list, there are many other hair extensions brands to buy hair extensions from that you can trust. 

Buy hair extensions from Bellami

Bellami Hair is one of the greatest hair extensions sellers on the market. Their extensions are made from 100 percent human remy hair and come in a range of hues and lengths. The brand also offers some extremely creative designs, such as the feather cut, which may help add volume and length to your hair while also concealing any bald spots or thinning regions. When it comes to clip-ins, this is the greatest brand. They’re available on Amazon.

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Buy hair extensions from True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair is one of the most popular hair extension brands. Human hair, Remy virgin hair, full lace wigs, silky straight texture bundles, and curly bundle textures are all available in a number of different types and lengths. This company provides exceptional customer service at a fair price. Whereas other companies would charge you an arm and a leg for shipping and waiting times, this firm will deliver your order in 5 days. You won’t have to wait weeks for your hair because it will be transported and delivered within five days.

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Buy hair extensions from Glam Seamless

These extensions are ideal for those who wish to achieve a colour-treated look without spending a lot of money on salon sessions. The set comes with 16 pieces and comes in blonde, brunette, black, or red. It also includes heat-resistant clips that will not harm your hair while worn. 

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Buy hair extensions from K-hair

K-hair is the biggest hair extensions factory in Vietnam, with 30 years in the industry, they have distributed the number 1 virgin hair extensions to every part of the world. K-hair provides diverse types of hair extensions with colour and style of your choice. One of the outstanding features that made K-hair become the best hair extensions brand is its quality and price. 

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We hope that you find our article helpful when you buy hair extensions. Please share with us your own opinion about how to buy hair extensions below.

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