Human hair extensions tape-in: Vietnamese high-quality items for wholesalers

        For several decades , the demand for human hair extensions tape-in has been massively popular among people all over the world. They choose human hair extensions since they want a change in hair color or style but not wanting to use chemicals on their natural one. There are a variety of hair types and styles to choose to show off users’ character and one of the highest – in – use is human hair extensions tape-in.


Vietnamese human-hair-extensions-tape-in

Human hair extensions tape-in in world hair market

The growth in the number of customers using hair extensions will create opportunities for wholesale hair vendors. You are a newbie in the hair market? Have you had profound knowledge about your major?


Human-hair-extensions-tape-in in world hair market

What is human hair extensions tape-in?

You need to have an overview about human hair extensions tape-in before joining the global market.

The term human hair extensions tape-in

Human hair extensions tape-in is a semi-permanent hair extension method which assists you whenever you want a longer and thicker status for your natural hair. As its type implies, tape-in extensions is a hair style consisting of medical-grade tapes in hair roots which are usually about 4 centimeters. When applying to natural hair, people need to peel the sticky tab before attaching them. For a full head, the number of tape-in extensions you use depends on some factors like your natural hair’s length and thickness as well as the length you wish.


Features of this hair extensions style

Human hair extensions tape-in has some main characteristics:

  • Natural look: It grows with your own hair because it is directly stuck into your hair roots. 
  • Less damaging: Not similar to clip-in hair, tape-ins are lightweight and never put pressure on your head so your natural hair can be protected from losing and breaking.
  • Easy applying: Only with mirrors can you totally apply hair extensions tape in yourself without help of machines.
  • Reusable: After a few weeks, your tape-in extensions may pull down. All you need to do is buying some double-sided tape. On average, a tape-in hair extensions can be used for 2-4 times.
  • Flexible: There are many color with different styles and length to meet your demand.

Features of human-hair-extensions-tape-in

Human hair extensions tape-in’s major customers 

With a large number of benefits Human hair extensions tape-in brings about, this hairstyle is becoming more and more widely used among the population. Many groups of people choose Human hair extensions tape-in for daily usage for different purposes. These hair items are favored in almost every country but Africa because African women’s hair is curly and very short so they can not apply tape-ins onto their hair. Tape-in passioners come from Europe, Brazil, Asia and the US. Customers here are also in favor of Human Hair Extension Ponytail Clip-in because they want a look of as grace as celebrities.


Human hair extensions tape in customers all over thư world

Can Human hair extensions tape-in be dyed?

The answer is that it depends on which hair quality do you choose. If you choose the better one, coloring is absolutely donable.

Human hair extensions tape-in classification.

Human hair extensions tape-in can be bleached but not all hair types are for light colors dyeing. In the hair market, there are two main hair types: virgin hair and remy hair. Now, we need to have summary knowledge about both of them to explain why not all hair types can be dyed with light colors. 

  • Virgin hair is the hair taken from only one donor so the criteria such as length, color, smoothness and durability is equal. The hair considered as virgin has to be the one that is free from bleaches, dyes or any toxic chemicals. 
  • Remy hair is a haircut collected from a group of people so the hair quality can be worse than virgin hair. The hair status of remy hair is unstable because some donors use chemicals on their hair regularly while some don’t. 

And one obvious thing, virgin hair is the most ideal for bleaches and dyes; any color can virgin hair handle!


Comparison betweenVirgin hair and Remy hair

How long does Human hair extensions tape-in last?

The average lifetime of human hair extensions tape-in is  around 3 to 6 months and during this time, you need to have some touch-ups for re-application. That how long your hair extensions last depends on some main factors:

  • The quality of hair extensions: as you know, virgin hair is now the best quality hair type in global scale so the tape-ins made from virgin hair last longer than other types.
  • Your daily hair care routine: when wearing hair extensions, you should pay attention to hair care products and the ways you brush your hair. If not, the tape-in hair extensions lifespan will reduce.
  • The growth of natural hair: because the Human hair extensions tape-in directly adhere to your hair roots so it takes for granted that the faster your hair grows, the shorter time is needed between two touch-ups

How long does Human hair extensions tape in last?

How to dye and keep your human hair extensions tape-in from being tangled?

You want to have some changes on your Human hair extensions tape-in but don’t want to waste time sitting at salons? Follow these steps below

Steps to dye human hair extensions tape-in


Steps to dye human hair extensions tape in

If you want to dye your hair extensions at home, these are detailed steps. At first, you need to prepare your hair extensions, of course,  a box color closer to your hair color, hair coloring brush, a bowl and remember: DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR AND KEEP IT COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE COLORING IT

  • Step 1: Brush all tape-in pieces and then lie them down to the ground. 
  • Step 2: Apply mixture onto hair extensions on both sides. Carry out this step carefully from hair roots to the top and make sure every single thread is covered with colors
  • Step 3: Leave your hair immersed with chemicals for about 20 minutes and then rinse well with cold water. After rinsing, you need to conditioner your hair for smoothness and silky
  • Step 4: Rinse again and dry your hair with towers, after that, use a hair dryer to completely dry it and finish.

Tips in maintain human hair extensions tape-in

The lifespan of your hair extensions items is greatly affected by daily hair care habits. Follow these tips below for lush hair extensions:

  • Use specialized hair care products for extensions. You should take this tip into consideration because some sorts of shampoo with toxic chemicals can harm your hair extensions
  • Wash your human hair extensions tape-in in a proper way. You should handle it gently and make sure no over-strong scrub is done
  • Have good hair brush with seamless teeth to keep your tape-in extensions lush and tangled-free
  • To dry hair extensions, Use your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting, and gently dry your hair, from the end to the roots

Some tips you should focus to keep your hair extensions for long time

Top 5 reliable suppliers in Human hair extensions tape-in in Vietnam

Viet Nam has become one of the most potential hair markets in global scale and some businesses have a reputation in exporting human hair extensions tape-in to the wholesale hair vendors all over the word. However, purchasing high quality Human hair extensions tape-in at a reasonable price is quite challenging because there are many scammers. These following are the top 5 reliable hair extensions in the Vietnamese hair market.


Top reliable hair factories in Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam

5S Hair Vietnam is actually the first hair factory in Vietnam supplying 100% human hair in bulk. The phrase 5S Hair may be new to you because it has appeared in social media for a few years. In the early age in the 1990s, the factory didn’t access the Internet and just sold hair in bulk to loyal customers through traditional trading methods or to those who buy directly from the factory. The hair types and styles from 5S Factory are delivering to wholesale sellers in the world like 5S Hair Vietnam


5S Hair is the first hair factory in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +84855555348

K-Hair Vietnam

K-Hair Vietnam has ranked the top 1 biggest hair factory in Vietnam in 2020. The factory has maintained its dominant position in supplying virgin hair for years. Its main products are virgin hair extensions, remy hair extensions, tape/tip-in, closure/frontal and weft hair which are all assured in origin.With the motto:”Quality is King”, they put many efforts on finding hair sources. Their materials are collected from women in rural areas whose hair has excellent durability under harsh weather. You will for sure be satisfied with great staff and customer policy when dealing for your concerned products.


K-Hair is one of the leading hair businesses in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000


Having joined global hair marker since 2013, Beequeenhair has much experience in the field of hair exporting. All of their products are made from 100% remy hair which is strong and soft. They have a variety of products: weave hair, tip/tape-in, closure/frontal or a full wig. Not only do they provide the great products, they also commit to have great services, Beequeenhair is recommended for wholesale remy hair vendors in bulk.


Beequeenhair can supply you a variety of hair extensions items

Contact information:

  • Whatsapp: +84 985736692
  • Website:


Anka Hair is the leading wholesaler of 100% human hair in Vietnam. Their factory is equipped with modern technology and skillful workers. Their main products are both virgin, remy and synthetic hair exported to Africa, European countries like Russia, France and some other countries.


Ankahair is another reliable factory for wholesale hair vendors

Contact information:

  • Hotline/whatsapp: +84 978 988 705
  • Website:

Hada Hair

With the main factory located in Bac ninh Viet Nam, they deliver hair extensions items to wholesale clients in Southeast Asia like Laos, Campuchia. They manufacture and deliver colored human hair, clip in and tape in hair extensions, human hair wig, pre bonded hair extensions, lace closures, lace frontals, remy hair and virgin hair mainly to Russia, Asian, USA, Europe and Africa. 


An ideal hair supplier for Southeast Asia countries

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +84986838689

How to import Human hair extensions tape-in from Vietnam?

If you are wholesale hair vendors or a passionner in hair fashion looking for high-quality Human hair extensions tape in, you should bear in mind some things

Signals of a scammer

There are some signals showing one business is a fraud:

  • Plead something to excuse for not making video call
  • No registered documents abiden by law
  • No official website on the Internet
  • No invoice in purchasing
  • No head office

Be alert to hair factories with these 5 signs

If you are dealing with any business having these above signs, be alert!

Processes in importing Vietnamese human hair extensions tape-in

Vietnam is in no doubt the most reliable market for supplying human hair extensions tape-in. These are general processes in importing Vietnamese hair:

  • Access to website to choose your products
  • Contact salers for further information about payment and customer service
  • Get the invoice of the products and pay
  • Receive products and confirm to sellers.

How to import Vietnamese hair extensions

Hope the writing is useful for your decisions.

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