Human hair extensions cheap: Believe it or not, price goes with quality.

Human hair extensions cheap are always in favored among people having high demand in hair extensions but having medium and low budget. However, bear in mind that the price goes with the quality so if you don’t want to spend your money useless, you should find proper wholesale human hair extensions cheap hair vendors for purchasing.


Human hair extensions cheap. worthy or not?

Why do people call human hair extensions cheap?

Many people may be confused with the term human hair extensions cheap. Some viral questions to be raised are “What is cheap in detail?”, “Can cheap price is good?”. Let’s have some information about this human hair extensions kind.

The term human hair extensions cheap

As its name refers, human hair extensions cheap is human hair sold at a cheap price in hair markets worldwide. Cheap prices here are understood to be lower than the average hair prices. Not every cheap hair items is not good but in general, it can not be in comparison to others with high quality and more costly. There are some features of human hair extensions cheap you should know before deciding to buy them:

  • Short lifespan: human hair extensions cheap can just last up to 2 weeks or 3 times of usage for throwing away.
  • Easy to get tangled, splits, unlush: of course, because human hair extensions cheap are not too high quality ones
  • Not for time to time hairstyling: the weak cuticles of human hair extensions cheap can not be safe under heat implements and toxic chemicals for bleaching and dyeing
  • However, human hair extensions cheap are budget – friendly so it is for people who don’t want waste to much on hair extensions but still wanting to own some.

Features of human hair extensions cheap

Why can human hair extensions be sold at a cheap price?

There are many factors leading to the fact that some human hair extensions types are sold at a cheaper price than others. If you know them, you will explain your wonders easily:

  • The hair sources of human hair extensions cheap: this is the main reason why some hair products are cheap. Unsorted and not assured hair sources are collected and bought by big hair factories and then reprocessed. These hair are often those come from unreliable places such as hair trash in salons or bad quality hair classified from higher quality raw hair. They are almost all non-remy hair because human hair extensions remy are more costly.
  • The cheap labor forces and advanced technology: many developed countries and capital countries have an enormous amount of population at working age not having jobs. They are ready to receive a low salary and work hard for a living. Penetrating that, employers there recruit them to process hair on a large scale without spending much money on total cost.
  • The huge number of hair donors in a country. In some poor and developing countries women tend to cut ans sell their hair to wholesale hair vendors for money because of their very low income. They need money for their life, for family and for themselves. Hair industry in these countries are busy than others
  • They way hair products are sold: If the hair products are distributed directly from vendors to customers, their prices is cheaper than when it is are sold through e-commerce platforms because when the distributors update their goods on this exchange methods, they have to pay money for middlemen for using their online services

Reasons for human hair extensions sold at cheap prices

Having known these reasons, you may realize that not all human hair extensions cheap are bad!. 


Where to find human hair extensions cheap among numerous markets?

Be a smart consumer by finding proper hair market to purchase. Not in any markets can you find human hair extensions cheap with its exact meaning. 

India – place where definition of human hair extensions cheap comes from

Being known as the country with the largest population, there is no doubt is the kingdom of human hair extensions cheap. Hair market there has fully all factors of selling human hair extensions at cheap price like: numerous unemployed people, poor women, 

Indian hair sources

You may not know where Indian hair comes from. In reality, both men and women give their hair to temples in India, a Hindu country, as a method of expressing their appreciation to God. This is where you can get Indian hair. All of the hair is mingled and unsorted, resulting in a rather low quality and, of course, a low price. This hair bulks after that bought by hair factories and reprocessed.


Indian hair is collected from temples

Indian hair prices

Because of its sources, Indian raw hair bulks are sold at a very cheap prices to wholesale hair vendors. For example, you can see the price table below, the monetary unit is Rs


Prices for human hair extensions in India

China is a market for importing hair in large scale

China is regarded as the biggest hair market in the world because this country is the second largest population with more than 1,5 billion and this is also a country of technology.

Chinese hair sources

Only a small number of hair in China is originally Chinese hair because not many people here have intention to cut and sell their hair but extremely poor women in rural areas. So where do Chinese hair materials come from? The answer is that almost all hair in China is rebought in India – the huge place for human hair extensions cheap. In China, there are so many hair factories in provinces along the country, supplying jobs to a variety of employees. With the help of modern technology, China produces tons of hair bulks everyday and exports them worldwide.


Human hair extensions cheap in China have unassured sources

Chinese hair prices

In general, Chinese hair prices are quite cheap. For instance, the price list 1kg 9A straight hair 12”  bundle is $210


Prices of human hair extensions cheap in China

 Is Vietnam to find human hair extensions cheap?

Recently, Vietnam has become one of the most potential hair markets on the global scale. Is it a place where you can buy human hair extensions cheap?

Vietnamese hair sources

All hair materials are created from human hair, including hair obtained from women aged 18 to 35 in rural areas. Vietnamese hair is known for being strong, lustrous, silky, and free of tangles, shedding, and split ends. Women between the ages of 18 and 35 make up the majority of the labor force in Vietnam; as a result, they are in good health and pay close attention to their beauty, particularly hair care. Moreover, they live in the mountainous areas whose weather is cold around the years so their hair is protected from sunlight. Instead of using hazardous chemical shampoos, they use readily available natural herbal oil from lemongrass, grapefruit, and bo ket to wash their hair every day.


Vietnamese hair is famous for lush and silky look

Vietnamese hair prices

With its such high quality hair origin, Vietnamese hair are sold at a higher price than it is in China and India. However, you may consider it to be cheap because although they are not as cheap as two others, the quality of this real human hair extensions is many times higher.


Prices of human hair extensions cheap in Vietnam

Can I find human hair extensions cheap in European countries?

European is a place for luxurious quality hair items. Their hair materials also come from Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam and some other American ones but they are strictly assured before importing so that there are no mistake in hair bulks. As a result, the price is not cheap, some items even cost thousands dollars. However, you still can find human hair extensions cheaps there but it is much more difficult. Anyways, the most ideal choices are some hair markets as mentioned above.

What should you do if you want human hair extensions cheap at high quality?

Always it is, prices go with qualities. Very cheap hair prices can not give you high quality hair products, however, in case of you still want to have qualified ones at a “cheap” price, Vietnam is the recommended to you.

K-Hair Vietnam is the best choice for you

K-Hair has ranked the top 1 biggest hair factories in Vietnam in 2020. With over 20 years of experience in the hair industry, K-Hair is one of the leading wholesale hair vendors, delivering 100% high-quality human hair to countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Europe, Russia, and Brazil. Raw hair, virgin hair, remy hair, human hair extensions weft, closure/frontal, tape/tip-in, and other products are available, with virgin hair being the most popular. Vietnamese hair is known for its natural black color but it doesn’t mean that all Vietnamese hair items are all in boring black. With high quality raw hair material, K-Hair can adapt any hair colors!


K-Hair is leading hair business in Vietnam

The management staff at K-Hair Vietnam is always up to date on the latest hair trends for altering and marketing, which is the secret to the company’s success and continued dominance. The availability of high-quality hair is one thing that hasn’t changed throughout time.

How to import hair from K-Hair Vietnam

There are some steps for you to follow to order hair from K-Hair:

Step 1: Access to the website and choose the products you want. After that, contact the sale staff through the hotline +84855588000 (Mr Cherry CEO of K-Hair)

Step 2: You deal with the salers for your orders and will get the invoice 

Step 3: You pay the deposit money for your packages

Step 4: After you pay, your orders are transported to the factory and the workers start working

Step 5: When the products are finished, we will call you to confirm and ship. You will receive them at your locals after a few days.


Follow step to step to import Vietnamese hair

K-Hair is a leading human hair extensions online in the effect of Covid-19. Customers dealing with K-Hair Factory can do a direct video conversation using the Whatsapp platform to examine the factory or the things they’re interested in. If something unplanned happens after you receive the hair, you will be given an exchange and a new one. Another distinctive feature of the K-Hair Factory’s customer service policy is that you can pay for your products using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bank Transfer, as long as your monetary unit is dolla.

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