Human hair extensions UK: Hair market supplies high quality hair extensions items.

If you have been a wholesale hair vendor for years in the world hair market, you must have many times heard about human hair extensions UK as one of the most potential markets in the world. Although they don’t have many hair factories as in other countries, they still gain much reputation. The reasons are being revealed in this article.


UK is the hair market supplying you highest quality hair items

General knowledge of human hair extensions UK.

The core reason why human hair extensions UK is famous worldwide is its high quality human hair extensions items. Hai vendors there put endless effort in finding high quality hair sources.

How potential is the human hair extensions UK hair market

For many years, human hair extensions UK has been becoming the leading hair market in the world. In spite of not supplying hair on a large scale like other countries like India and China – two countries known as the largest population in the world. However, because of the superior hair quality. They sell virgin hair and remy hair made from 100% assured human hair. 


According to experts, UK is a billion hair industry

The hair and beauty business is worth £6.6 billion to the UK economy, according to a survey by the Hair and Barber Council and BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology). The hair and beauty industry employs a large number of people in the UK and contributes significantly to the country’s gross value added each year.

Human hair extensions UK hair sources lead to their luxurious hair products

Hair sources play a very important role in expanding the reputation of human hair extensions UK. Hair vendors there pay much attention to choosing where to import hair materials. They tend to choose these follow countries for hair in bulks

Human hair extensions UK come from Asian countries

Asia is the biggest continent among 6 ones in the world. Despite that, there are many poor and developing countries where women have to cut  and sell their straight hair for their low incomes. 

Straight Asian hair is generally dark brown or black in nature so it is often used for human hair extensions black. It develops parallel to the scalp. This hair type grows the fastest, at about 1.4 cm each month.

A strand of Asian hair is round and even in form. However, Asian hair is the least dense of the nationalities.


UK hair sources mainly come from Asia

When Asian hair is pushed or stretched, the cuticles tend to break off in huge chunks that retain their structure. Because the glue holding the cuticle cells together weakens, the cuticles of Asian hair tend to come off.

Human hair extensions UK hair vendors mostly import hair from Vietnam, India and China which are the places of trustworthy hair suppliers.

Human hair extensions UK come from Eastern Europe

European hair is the highest-quality hair available. It has a natural sheen and is incredibly silky and thin. Furthermore, after multiple washes, it will grow shinier and shinier. Because the tips and roots of European hair all point in the same direction, it just requires an acid treatment on the roots. It doesn’t have any coloured hair and all of its cuticles are intact. Hair colouring is not recommended for European hair since it is too thin, according to experts.


Eastern European countries partly supply hair for UK hair vendors

European hair is particularly well suited to persons with severely delicate or fine hair. Russian hair extensions, which differ from traditional European strands, are the best of the bunch. Russian hair extensions are a little heavier than European hair and are designed for those with naturally thick hair.

Human hair extensions UK come from British women

Only a tiny percentage of the human hair used in the UK originates from British women, and users can typically be certain of its source. Females in the UK don’t always have the intention to cut off their hair for selling, they just need hair extensions for different appearances. Hair materials from here are for real human hair extensions

What is top 4 human hair extensions UK hair business?

There are many wholesale hair vendors in UK but not all of them are in favor among customers. A reliable hair supplier must adapt the fact that the prices go with the quality. Here are the list of them. 

Crown Couture – the leading hair company in the UK

CrownCouture is a renowned hair extension provider in the UK. They provide the hair business with a competent, dependable, and continuous supply of luxury hair extensions, hair pieces, and clip in hair extensions. They also have a wide range of important hair extension tools and equipment. 

They provide high-quality human hair wefts, stick tips, clip-on hair extensions, and hair pieces. The human hair collections are double drawn and feature two major hair types: a Russian/Mongolian blend and Brazilian hair. Their  Russian Mongolian hair is luxuriously smooth and silky. This collection is available in 27 popular colors and is a joy to work with. Furthermore, their Virgin Brazilian hair is thick and full-bodied, resulting in a gorgeous finish.


Crown Couture is one of the leading hair business in the UK

Contact information:

  • Facebook: CrownCouture Hair Extensions
  • Website: Crowncouture

London Virgin Hair – one of the reliable human hair extensions UK 

London Virgin Hair is a well-known human hair extensions provider in the United Kingdom, specialized in high-end hair extensions including human hair extensions ombre. Their primary concentration is on hair and professional packaging, and their primary business objective is to dispel the perception that high quality must come at a high cost.suppliers

They aspire to astound our clients with their expertise and readiness to go above and beyond. They take pleasure in obtaining and packing 100 percent virgin hair that is beautiful, thick, and smooth for every pocketbook. They give the highest quality Virgin hair, recommendations, and fashion trends to you by going right to the source. They are pleased that our models have been featured on Voice of Hair throughout the world.


This is the business supplying you luxurious hair items

Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @LdnVirginHair
  • Instagram: @londonvirginhair

Beyond Hair – a human hair extensions UK retailer delivering types of hair items

Beyond Hair is an exclusive hair extensions store headquartered in the heart of London that was founded in 2010. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality Virgin Hair Extensions to today’s modern women. Their hair is premium quality, available in a variety of textures and colors, and is sought after by devoted clients, outstanding hair salons, and the top hair stylists all over the world.


Beyond Hair can supply you different types of hair

  • Email:
  • Facebook: Beyond Hair UK

Noxu Hair – a hair distributor supplying you qualified hair extensions products

Noxu Hair is a virgin hair firm based in the United Kingdom that offers high-quality virgin hair extensions, human hair, and curly weaves. Noxu has established a reputation for providing high-quality Brazilian hair extensions, Cambodian hair, Peruvian hair, and other types of hair. They place a significant emphasis on customer happiness, therefore they go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the highest quality virgin hair weaves at the most competitive rates, swiftly and effortlessly. Noxu Hair has customers from London, UK, France, the United States, and other nations around the world.


Noxu Hair is on the top of reliable hair companies

Company number: 10544193

Beside human hair extensions UK, Vietnamese hair market is an ideal choice for high quality hair extensions

When it comes to the world, Vietnamese have gained much achievement because they export tons of hair to fastidious markets year by year and have become one of the leading human hair extensions online hair suppliers. Although it is a new face in this million industry, no one can deny its position in the rank of top list wholesale hair countries.

Overview of Vietnamese hair market.

In the market for hair extensions, Vietnam has recently become the most well-known among developing countries for wholesale hair vendors factories which can literally produce hair extensions. Despite the fact that Vietnam’s hair industry has been growing for several years, the country has developed a reputation for exporting hair to demanding markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and Europe… 


Vietnam has been a potential market recently

Vietnamese hair sources were the most important contributors to the country’s success. Vietnamese hair is known for its high quality and longevity. Its natural color is black, making it easy to bleach and blend with various colors, meeting a wide range of demands in a variety of countries.

K-Hair Factory Vietnam is the best option for purchasing Vietnamese hair in bulk

Unlike many wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam, K-Hair is a factory so they can handle both manufacturing and delivering hair extensions items to their customers worldwide.

Why K-Hair Factory is an outstanding hair business in Vietnam

K-Hair Company, with the motto “Quality is King,” devotes all of its efforts to hair resources and exceptional customer service. K-HAIR, which was founded in 1992, has seen numerous ups and downs throughout the years. K-Hair has exported processed hair goods to a number of nations and territories, and it already has three firms in Vietnam, Nigeria, and the United Nations, all of which are greatly enhanced in order to accomplish the group’s tremendous success. 


K-Hair is one of the leading hair companies in Vietnam

All of the hair materials are produced entirely of Vietnamese human hair. Vietnamese hair is unique in that they only buy hair from women aged 18 to 25, who are still youthful and in good health, and who also pay greater attention to hair maintenance. Because women in rural and mountainous areas utilize natural herbs such as coconut oil, aloe vera, lemongrass, and others to wash their hair instead of chemical shampoos, their hair is known for being strong, lustrous, silky, and not tangled, shedding, or split.


Vietnamese hair is a precious sources for hair market

Which hair items can you purchase in K-Hair Factory?

K-Hair Company’s main products are weft hair, tip and tape in hair extensions products, closure and frontal and 360 wigs which have been delivered to many countries and territories all over the world and then acquired the reputation of these high-quality products. Moreover, as mentioned above, all these products are made from 100% high quality human hair so you can import hair from K-Hair for no fear of low quality hair items.


K-Hair Vietnam always update new hair trends

K-Hair Vietnam’s hair products are popular among both wholesale hair merchants and individual clients since they are well-informed about worldwide hair trends and attempt to adapt to them. For example, the color ombre has been popular for some years and is, of course, available in K-Hair Vietnam’s hair color range. They also offer a substantial discount on all hair goods for important occasions such as Christmas, New Year, or any other events throughout the year, which is a great deal for wholesale hair dealers. But, above all, when it comes to quality, K-Hair Vietnam always prioritizes it, and you will be completely delighted anytime you work with them.

How to import hair from K-Hair Factory Vietnam?

The picture below give you quick reference in step by step to import hair from K-Hair factory. For further information, you can contact (Mrs Cherry – K-Hair Manager).

Contact Mrs Cherry and you’re sure to get the best hair extension products at the best prices. Especially when you are interested in popular human hair extension UK items, remy hair extensions tape in and many more items won’t let you down:


Follow step to step to import Vietnamese hair

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