Human hair extensions wavy: One of the best anti-aging hairstyles

Human hair extensions wavy are a great way to add volume to your look. You may put on some make-up and hope for the best, but beautiful human hair extensions are what will actually make you seem younger. A fresh hair style may help you seem younger by opening up your face and emphasizing features like high cheekbones, prominent brows, and big lips.


Human hair extensions wavy is an anti-aging hairstyle

Why has human hair extensions wavy become hot for years?

Every woman desires long, thick, or bouncy hair, which is difficult to achieve. Only a few few are blessed with naturally long, flowing locks. Human hair extensions wavy are the only options for the rest of us. In many parts of the world, they are popular.

Why is it called human hair extensions wavy?

When opposed to straight hair, wavy hair has a thicker structure. The wavy texture is a cross between straight and curly. The strands are curled in the shape of a “S.” Wavy hair isn’t usually greasy, but it does have a propensity to dry up and tangle. These extensions are advised for those who already have a wave in their hair, as well as those who have dry or frizzy hair. If your hair isn’t straight but also isn’t “curly,” they will work wonders for you. If you’ve had trouble matching our straight extensions with your natural hair texture in the past, our wavy extensions are a terrific alternative. Human hair extensions wavy can be dyed many colors like human hair extensions ombre, red, blonde


Why it called human hair extensions wavy?

Some favorite kinds of human hair extensions wavy

In reality, there are some main types of human hair extensions wavy that are the most in use by customers worldwide. Let’s see what they are.

Loose wave

Loose waves are a type of wave hairstyle that is loose and contains a lot of curls. People are sometimes perplexed because the haircut is similar to that of body wave hairs. Hair with a loose wave and curl is referred to as loose wave hair. 


Human hair extensions wavy loose wave

The curl pattern of a loose wave is tighter and smaller than that of a body wave. Many people adore the curl pattern of loose wave hair since it is neither too tight nor too straight. It will appear more natural and fluffy, which is why many ladies like to wear it all year.

Body wave

Body wave hair is a form of loose hair that appears to be extremely natural. It features a straight and curly wave pattern. The curls of the body wave appear to be more relaxed. The body wave will be your first choice if you are unhappy with your straight hair and want to experiment with curls. It may blend in with your own hair, making your hair seem more natural. This hair extensions type often made in form of human hair extensions weft


Human hair extensions wavy body wave

The adaptability of body wave human hair is a prominent factor for its popularity in the market. The body wave hair is of high quality; it retains the natural cuticle and is available in a variety of colors and textures.

Deep wave

This has been a cliche for a long time. The deep waves are the easiest to produce and give you a carefree feeling. There’s something appealing about the untamed aspect of your hair; it gives the impression that it’s abundant and full of substance.


Human hair extensions wavy deep wave

5 leading hair business in supplying human hair extensions wavy.

To exprience best quality human hair extensions wavy, you need to find reliable hair vendors which has been existed for years and gained reputation on hair industry. Here are the list.

Kabeilu Hair – a Chinese supplier of high-quality human hair extensions wavy

Kabeilu Hair has been a professional human hair supplier for about 13 years, specializing in high-quality virgin human hair products. Their items come in a variety of designs, lengths, and colors. Kabeilu Hair is a reputable hair salon that prides itself on providing outstanding customer service. Furthermore, it is an excellent dealer for a new hair business since the wholesale pricing is favorable.


Kabeilu Hair is a Chinese supplier of high-quality human hair extensions wavy

Contact information:

  • Telephone: +8613822131794
  • Gmail:
  • Website:

K-Hair – the biggest company for your high-quality human hair extensions wavy in Viet Nam

With the slogan “Quality is King,” K-Hair Vietnam prioritizes hair sources and processing chains, ensuring that hair products are thoroughly inspected. K-Hair Vietnam is famous among both wholesale hair vendors and individual clients because it offers a wide range of goods manufactured entirely of human hair, including virgin hair, remy hair, weft hair extensions, human hair extensions clip-in, tape/tip-in. In 2020, K-Hair has been rated as the number one largest hair factory in Vietnam.


K-Hair is leading hair business in Vietnam

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Crown Couture – the leading hair company in the UK

Crown Couture has built a reputation in the hair industry by being chosen by celebrities and hair trends for years. Crown Couture stores across the world provide a wide range of high-end hair products, such as clip-in hair extensions, closures, and even hair accessories. If your company caters to upper-class clients, this is an excellent hair extensions source for you.


Crown Couture is one of the leading hair business in the UK

Contact information:

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 131 229 2128
  • Facebook: CrownCouture Hair Extensions
  • Website:

Hair King – an Indian company for customers in low budget

Hair King is an Indian enterprise that caters to consumers on a tight budget.

Hair King has been supplying hair to salons, distributors, and retailers all around the world for over 15 years. Almost all of their hair products are produced from remy hair and come in a wide range of styles: Keratin U Tip Hair Extensions, U Tip Hair Extensions, V-Tipped Hair Extensions, Stick Tip Hair Extensions, Loop Hair Extensions


Hair King is a place where you can buy hair online

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Whatsapp: +91984132532

Her Hair Company – a prominent nominee in the US

Her Hair Company is pleased to be one of the world’s top virgin hair suppliers, shipping 100 percent virgin hair bundles and lace closures to countries all over the world. This company, in addition to offering high-quality virgin hair, lays a significant focus on customer service, caring for each bundle of hair from start to finish. As a result, Her Hair becomes your hair if you want high-end hair and a lot of money.


Her Hair is the top virgin hair sources

Contact for more information:

  • Telephone: 888.597.6667
  • Gmail:
  • Website:

How to maintain human hair extensions wavy lush and untangled?

Human hair extensions wavy is a hairstyle that had already gone deeply through chemicals before processing wave to keep it form to last long. As a result, you need special cares for this hair type

How long does human hair extensions wavy last?

The greatest wavy human hair extensions will last six to eight months in most cases. The virgin human hair extensions wavy bundles, on the other hand, can last up to a year or more if properly cared for. Weaving your hair isn’t a long-term solution to baldness.

Individuals who have this procedure must see their stylist every six months; otherwise, the weave may become loose or fall off. Although these wavy human hair extensions have their own distinct features, practically all weaves last between six and eight months. Human hair extensions remy are recommended.

Tips in expand lifespan of human hair extensions wavy

To have long-lasting human hair extensions wavy, the first thing you should do is find high quality human hair extensions for materials but it is quite hard because the high quality items always go with high price. However, you can do some cares as your daily hair care routines:

  • Use shampoo and conditioners with moistures. First and foremost, it’s critical to adore your wavy human hair extensions. Using a hydrating hair care solution that is gentle on your strands is the simplest approach to achieve this. This pair gently washes your curly extensions with a sulfate-free solution, leaving them smooth and moisturized with a radiant shine. It’s no secret that wavy hair need as much nourishment as possible. Because your human hair extensions won’t get the same natural oils and nutrients as your own hair, you’ll need to step up your extensions regimen.
  • Wash your human hair extensions wavy regularly. As previously stated, wavy hair requires more upkeep than straight extensions. As a result, you’ll need to wash your hair on a regular basis. Washing your hair once a week is plenty to maintain your waves beautiful and fresh if you have sewn-in extensions. If you use wavy ponytail extensions or wavy clip-in extensions on a daily basis, you should include a weekly wash session in your routine.
  • Dry human hair extensions wavy in a right way. One of the best things you can do for your curly extensions is to avoid heat. Simply put, excessive heat usage can give your extensions a dry and dull appearance. So, after you wash your hair, it’s best to let your curls air dry. After all, you don’t want to be left with flat or frizz-filled curls. Not to mention, allowing your curly extensions to air dry will help to maintain the quality of your extensions.
  • To keep things simple, lay your wavy extensions flat on a towel to let them air dry. You can also hang your extensions on a hanger with a clothes clip to help your curls maintain their shape. If you have sewn-in extensions, allow your extensions to hang free while drying. You can also speed things up with a hair diffuser.
  • Brush your human hair extensions properly. You must brush all tangles out after each usage to solve matting and knots. Before you start a new style, make sure you brush out the waves. Use a paddle brush if you’re working with straight extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to detangle if they are human hair extensions curly or wavy while it’s damp and conditioned.

Tips in maintaining human hair extensions wavy

How can wholesale hair vendors import hair from Vietnam

Vietnam has emerged as one of the most promising hair marketplaces on a worldwide scale, with certain companies gaining a name for exporting human hair extensions wavy to wholesale hair merchants throughout the world. However, because there are so many fraudsters, finding high-quality human hair extensions wavy at a reasonable price might be difficult.

There are some main step to import hair materials in bulk. you can have a quick look in the picture below.


How to import Vietnamese hair extensions

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