Real human hair extensions: where to find high-quality sources?

Real human hair extensions are always in high demand because of its incredible features leading to the customers’ satisfaction. You are considering using human hair extensions for a change in hair styles and let everyone astonish about your head but now are in an overwhelming situation? Read the post below to clarify your answer.


Real human hair extensions in comparison with synthetic hair extensions

Before deciding to join the hair market, you need to make enquiries about the products. Let’s have an overview about Real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions in explanation for their advantages.


High-quality real human hair extensions sources worldwide

Real human hair extensions and its features

Hair extensions, exactly the same as what it says, are hair extensions made from 100% raw human hair but not mixed with any chemicals to get longer and thicker.


Real human hair vs, Synthetic hair

Classify Real human hair

Real human hair extensions are normally made from 2 types of hair: virgin hair and remy hair.

  • Virgin hair: is completely unprocessed human hair extracted from only one donor. It is not dyed or bleached, and is natural. Because of not being covered with harsh chemicals, this hair type is rare and is sold at a high price.
  • Remy hair: is a haircut collected from more than one donor. Human hair extensions remy hair consists of remy and non-remy hair. The basic difference can be explained by their cuticles. Remy hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grows to maintain the cuticle direction while non-remy cuticles run in both directions that often lead to tangling

Hair extensions made from virgin hair and remy hair

Real human hair extensions’ features

Virgin hair is obviously much higher in quality than remy hair. Because of their different origin, virgin hair’s status is more ideal for bleaching, dying and styling as it is equal in length, color and quality. Non-remy hair shouldn’t be bleached as its unstable cuticles often cause tangling and split ends.


Difference between remy hair and non-remy hair

Synthetic hair extensions and its features

One more accepted hair type is Synthetic hair extensions. It was created in order to meet the demand of quick hair beautification.

Synthetic hair extensions and its features

Synthetic hair is created from man-made fibers with the help of technology combination to give the feel of real hair. They are used by women to make their hair look longer, thicker or in different colors. However, due to the fact that this hair type’s main components are non-human materials, it is not for bleaching and dying, of course, and styling since it may melt under heat implements. Therefore, if your want different hairstyles for your high-fashion outfits, you need to buy many hair extensions items. But don’t worry because it is cheaper than ones made from real human hair and it won’t go flat or frizzy easy for long usage.


Some ynthetic hair extensions features can not suit you

To whom is Synthetic hair extensions recommended?

As its specialized benefits, synthetic hair is recommended for small-scale wholesale hair vendors. If you are turning your business to massively popular supplying to medium-budget people but not high-quality hair items, this hair type is for you. Or you are an individual client who are busy and lazy to sit in front of the mirror for hours, can should take synthetic hair extensions into consideration. But remember to study carefully to avoid being scammed

The predominance of Real human hair extensions in global market 

To compare, in the global hair market, both of these types are in favor. Real human hair is popular for its flexibility and synthetic hair is loved as its quick application each morning. However, real human hair extensions are exactly just like your own hair so you can treat them in the same ways, but synthetic hair can’t be done. Hair extensions made from real human hair are more appropriate for inconstant trendy styles day by day. On the whole, a wholesale hair vendors need to determine their groups of customer to choose the corresponding hair sources


Market share of human hair and synthetic hair


Some Real human hair extensions markets in the world

 The hair industry has been blooming for years and many countries put effort on maintaining their position on the top list.

Chinese hair market – the biggest Real human hair extensions market

Known as a country with a population of billions, the hair market in China has increased at an astonishing pace not only for domestic consumption but also international exchange . Take advantage of the Internet, China has brought its hair reputation worldwide. According to Global Times, about 30% of hair extensions are sold in China and the rest are purchased by the US, European and African clients. Chinese hair materials are combination of hair all over the world: Malaysian, Indian, Brazilian and also Chinese hair


Chinese hair extensions market

Vietnamese hair market – a potential nominee in exporting hair overseas

Vietnam has recently exported tons of hair to the world and been searched by wholesale hair vendors for high-quality hair extensions. Vietnamese women’s hair is famous for its natural black color and silky. With available hair materials, hair factories mushroomed on a large scale to meet the oversea demand. Understanding customers’ insight, manufacturers in Vietnam always give priority to quality so when dealing in the Vietnamese market, you will be, for sure, satisfied.



Vietnamese is a reliable hair market


Africa market – the largest demand for hair extensions 

Hair market is called billion dollar industry in Africa because of the huge need for hair extensions among women there. Almost every African women have short curly hair to it is difficult for them to do any style on hair. Whenever the want a change for up-coming events, they tend to wear hair extensions. Actually, there are no indeed hair factories in Africa. African wholesale hair vendors import hair from India, Vietnam for reselling.


Africa is a large market in demand for hair items


How to find high-quality Real human hair extensions for wholesale sellers?

You can find Real human hair extensions in countless hair markets but Do you know where to buy hair with assurance in both quality and price?

Tips in avoiding frauds

First thing first, you have to bear in mind some tips in recognising a scammer:

  • Tip 1: search for the brand website on the Internet and see previous reviews
  • Tip 2: ask to make a direct video call and examine the factory and office
  • Tip 3: ask them some basic questions about hair to test their knowledge
  • Tip 4: always ask them for invoice before paying money

How to realize and advoid scammers


How to import Real human hair extensions from Vietnam?

Many payment options are accepted in Vietnam such as major credit cards, Western Union, Bank Transfer or E-wallet as long as you pay in dollar units. Follow steps to steps for Vietnamese hair extensions importing.

  • Step 1: Access the brand website to look for your product
  • Step 2: Contact their staff through Whatsapp, facebook or instagram account for more information about products, payment and shipping
  • Step 3: Get, check the invoice and pay for your products
  • Step 4: Receive your products after some days. Confirm it is in ruin and done

How to import Vietnamese hair extensions

Top 5 dominant Real human hair extensions distributors on global scale

You are about to import hair in bulk for your wholesale business but now are confused in too many factories? Here is the list of top 5 recommended for you

K-Hair Vietnam – top 1 virgin hair supplier in Vietnam

K-Hair has ranked as the biggest factory in Vietnam in 2020. The “K” in the brand name stands for King. With the motto quality is King, K-Hair always pays attention to finding assured hair sources. All their products are made from 100% human hair with hair materials from Vietnamese women. Vietnamese women hair is well-known for its durability and silky so you will be pleased during usage. K-Hair supplies you a variety of hair items: weft hair, closure/frontal hair extensions, tip/tape-in hair extensions which adapt elastic purposes.


K-Hair is one of the leading hair companies in Vietnam


Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000


Single donor hair – a big factory in Indian hair market

Having been in the global market since 2005, Single donor hair has supplied tons of human hair extensions cheap with hair items: Curly Human Hair, Human Hair Weft, Machine Weft Hair, Virgin Hair, Indian Hair Weft, Remi Indian, Closures Hair. Because of the abundant domestic hair sources, products there are sold at cheap prices so it is recommended for wholesale hair vendors with small budget.


Single Donor Hair is a big hair factory in India

Contact information:

  • Whatsapp: +918042984311
  • Facebook: Single Donor Hair

Kabeilu Hair Factory – a potential business from China

Kabeilu Hair is a professional human hair supplier specialized in high quality virgin human hair products for nearly 13 years. Their products are multiform in styles, length and colors. Kabeilu Hair is a trustworthy hair company committing excellent service to customers. Besides, It is a really proper trader for start up hair business because the wholesale price is supportive.


Kabeilu is a reliable hair factory

Contact information:

  • Telephone: +8613822131794
  • Gmail:
  • Website:
  • Instagram: kbl_kabeilu_hair


Virgin hair and beauty – hair factory supplying you 100% human remy hair products

The unique service of Virgin hair and beauty is that they offer a bespoke custom made and made to order service and create beautiful real human hair extensions for each individual client. And of course the waiting time is longer. Their product collection is abundant with many hair styles: weft hair extensions, double drawn virgin remy hair, color ring, etc. If you are individual customer with require for best-quality hair, this business is highly recommended


The factory supplies you high quality remy hair

Contact information:

  • Website:
  • Facebook: Virgin Hair & Beauty
  • Instagram: virginhairandbeauty

Hairs and Graces – a reliable hair extensions distributors for wholesale hair vendors

Hairs and Graces is one of the leading hair extensions UK suppliers,  supplying the absolute best quality hair available in the UK. They supply 100% human hair extensions throughout countries and territories such as  the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and Dubai. Their main products are Luxury Pre-bonded Hair Extensions, including Nano Tip Hair Extensions, Stick Tip Hair Extensions , Tape Hair Extensions and Clip in Hair Extensions and one most outstanding item called Diamond Limited Edition that is very popular with celebrities and clients who want the most luxurious hair.


This factory is an ideal place for wholesalers

Contact information: 

  • Telephone: 01212414108
  • Facebook: Hairs and Graces Extensions Ltd
  • Twitter: @hairsandgracesx

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