What is remy hair extensions

Remy hair extension is not a strange term to hair extensions lovers all over the world. People are obsessed with remy hair extensions as they are affordable and high-quality. In this post, we will answer every question about remy hair extensions; so, stay tuned.

I. Remy hair extensions overview

Remy hair extensions are the most popular types of hair extensions. They come with amazing quality and prices that you can ever find in the hair extensions market.

What is remy hair extensions

“Remy” means hair extensions that have all of their cuticles intact and have not been removed in any way. The cuticle remains intact on these hair extensions, which are created from the highest grade 100 percent virgin remy human hair. This makes remy hair extensions one of the most quality types of hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions are taken from a group of qualified donors, while virgin and raw hair extensions are taken from only one donor. However the quality is almost the same, remy hair extension is even better in some aspects, and you can absolutely use remy hair extensions without any worry that it may not result as good as virgin or raw hair extensions.

The use of remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions or hair extensions, in general, have the greatest benefit of creating a fuller look to our original hair, whether it is hair volume or length. People who are suffering from dramatic hair loss, or born with thin, short hair, or no hair use hair extensions on a daily basis. It is the best beauty item according to Nigerians, South Africans, and Europeans.

remy hair extensions

You can also use remy hair extensions to change the current look of the hair, change the hair colour, or add more colour into the hair, or add curly waves or straight hair. Some people use remy hair extensions to cover their bad haircut until it grows back. 

Having a hair extension or remy hair extension at home is always a good choice. You can do so many things with it. 

Remy hair extensions origins

Remy hair extensions can come from anywhere in the world, but the most quality remy hair extensions can only be found at South East Asia countries like Vietnam, India, and Cambodia.

  • Vietnamese remy hair extensions: Vietnamese remy hair extensions are taken from 18-25 years old donors who live in the mountain areas. Vietnamese women take care of their hair well, that is why the quality of Vietnamese remy hair extensions are ranked as the top in the world. You can dye it to the perfect colour with Vietnamese remy hair extensions. They also come with various lengths, styles and colours for you to choose.
vietnamese remy hair extensions – 1
  • Indian remy hair extensions: Indian remy hair extensions are often taken from temples. The quality of the hair is amazing as well. Indian hair extensions have a lighter colour, which makes it easier to mix with European or American natural hair. However, the hair can only last for about 8 months, while Vietnamese remy hair extensions can last for years.
remy hair extensions
indian remy hair extensions – 2
  • Cambodian remy hair extensions: Another great quality remy hair extensions is Cambodian remy hair extensions. They have a thick and healthy texture and a nice colour. Cambodian hair can also last for years, they are easy to care for and preserve. People all over the world love Cambodian hair.
cambodian remy hair extensions – 3

Knowing the origins of remy hair extensions is important as it can help you buy high-quality remy hair extensions for yourself.

II. Tips to apply and preserve remy hair extensions

It is essential to know how to apply and preserve remy hair extensions before you buy one. In this part, we will guide you with helpful tips to help you install and take care of remy hair extensions better.

Tips to apply remy hair extensions

Here are the instructions that you can follow to install remy hair extensions for a stunning result

1. Apply tape in remy hair extensions

Steps by steps instruction of tape in remy hair extensions: 

Step 1: Part your hair with a comb and clip the top half of your hair up so it doesn’t get in the way of the next stages.

Step 2: Apply a strand of hair from your tape-in extensions set to the top side of your parted hair. About 2 millimeters should be left between you and your scalp. Make sure the tapes are only applied to the hairs that are directly adjacent.

remy hair extensions
tape in remy hair extensions – 4

Step 3: Glue another strand of hair to the underside of your own strand of hair. In order to produce an even result, the distance from the scalp should be roughly 2 millimeters. You can then let your hair down once more.

Step 4: Work your way up the back of the head by repeating steps 1 through 3. Then repeat on the other side of your head.

Step 5: A maximum of two rows of hair should be placed between the sandwiches, while only one is preferable. The tapes should not be positioned too close to the scalp because this will affect their ability to stay in place. A distance of about 5 mm is optimal. Then use a straightening iron set to a high temperature to softly bond it on.

2. Apply clip in remy hair extensions

Steps by steps instruction of clip in remy hair extensions: 

Step 1: Part your hair from ear to ear in the back of your head. On one of the hair extension components, open the clip.

Step 2: Attach the clip to the parting and secure it in place. Make sure the clip is securely in place, then repeat with the rest of the extension piece’s clips.

Step 3: In the same way, clip another hairpiece into your hair. Add as many pieces as you like till you have the length and volume you want.

remy hair extensions
clip in remy hair extensions – 5

Step 4: Once you’ve finished with the back of your head, fill in the sides with the hairpieces using only one clip.

3. Apply one piece halo remy hair extensions

Steps by steps instruction of one piece halo remy hair extensions:

Step 1: Part your hair horizontally just above the hairline on your forehead and pull it back. You’ll be able to calculate the ideal thread length for your hair extension this way.

Step 2: Wrap the extension thread around your head and adjust the length to fit the circumference of your head. Fasten the thread to the selvage by tying it to the end band.

Step 3: Part your hair and let it down. Place the hair extension, which is now properly fitted to you, on top of your hair, slightly beneath the hairline, on the above-mentioned line.

Step 4: Cover the base of the extension with your own hair using a tail comb. Your tiny secret will be hidden beneath your own top hair, and you will look stunning with stunningly lovely hair.

remy hair extensions
one piece halo remy hair extensions – 6

4. Apply ponytail remy hair extensions: Begin by gathering your hair into a ponytail or bun. Simply put the clip-in hairpiece into your own ponytail. Secure the clip and conceal the transitioning sections with a strand of hair already in your ponytail.

Tips to preserve remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are real human hair, that is why we shouldn’t let it be without taking care of it. Here are some tips that you need to remember to help the hair maintain its best quality for further use.

  • Brush your remy hair extensions regularly: Doing this to remove any hairball and tangle.
  • Wash remy hair extensions twice a week: Wash your hair extensions can help remove bad bacterias, keep the hair moisture, make it fresh and clean, ready for us to use. You should use dry shampoo if you wash hair extensions one every two days.
  • Preserve remy hair extensions properly when not in use: Use a storage box or a hair extensions bag to store the hair extensions when not in use to protect the hair from tangling, bad bacterias, sunlight and polluted air.
  • Provide enough moisture and nutrition by hair oils, serums and hair masks: Doing this will help your remy hair extensions look and feel amazing all the time.
tips to preserve remy hair extensions – 7

Caring for your remy hair extensions properly will help prolong the quality of the hair, and save you a lot of money and effort, as well as create the best look when you apply it.

III. How to buy remy hair extension 

This is the part that we have all been waiting for: How to buy hair remy hair extensions like a pro? You are lucky! We have asked the remy hair extensions professional buyers all over the world to answer this question for you. 

How to find quality remy hair extensions sellers

According to a famous hair salon in London, which sells millions of dollars in hair extensions each year, told us all the things that we should remember to buy the best remy hair extensions:

  • Always do your research: Before buying anything, not just remy hair extensions, you should spend time doing research on where to buy quality remy hair extensions. You can ask a person that you know who has a good experience in buying hair extensions. Or you can find the information through the hair salon that you trust. If you find where to buy the best remy hair extensions online, remember to look carefully at all the information including hair origins, address, customer feedback, prices, etc. 
  • Always know the origin of the remy hair extensions: This is the first thing that you should determine before searching a place to buy quality remy hair extensions. Doing this will narrow your search focus and help the purchasing process become easier than ever. 
  • Mistakes are the way to achieve perfection: Well, not everybody can achieve a good result from the first attempt. You will never know where is the place that sell the best remy hair extensions if you don’t try all of them.
  • Customer feedback: Look for the seller’s customer feedback and remy hair extensions reviews to see what other buyers think.
  • Customer support: A quality remy hair extensions brand needs to have an excellent customer support team.
  • Price: Do some search to find the average remy hair extensions price to avoid paying higher than usual. Normally, remy hair extensions cost around $200 to $500 depending on the quantity.

So, once you’ve got all of this information, you are closer to being a pro at remy hair extensions.

Quality remy hair extensions brands to try

If you find it hard to find a remy hair extensions brand that you can trust, you can take a look in the list of best quality remy hair extensions brands below.

The Hair Shop

Hair Shop raw hair extensions are made of 100% human hair and come in a variety of colours and lengths ranging from 18 to 24 inches. Two sets of extensions are included in the package (two for the front and two for the back), allowing you to create a full head of long hair with just one set. These extensions are linked to your natural hair with snap clips, making them even easier to apply.

remy hair extensions
remy hair extensions brand – the hair shop – 8

Glam Seamless 

The remy hair extensions from Glam Seamless hair extensions are ideal for those who wish to achieve a colour-treated look without spending a lot of money on salon sessions. The set comes with 16 pieces and comes in blonde, brunette, black, or red. It also includes heat-resistant clips that will not harm your hair while worn.

remy hair extensions brand – glam seamless – 9


Kinkistry remy hair extensions are created from 100% human hair and are available in a range of textures. They also have safe clips, so there’s no risk of your extensions being damaged by the clips themselves. Kinkistry is definitely worth trying out.

remy hair extensions
remy hair extensions brand – kinkistry – 10

Richy Hair

Richy Hair has more than 30 years of experience in remy hair extension. They offer a diverse selection of products to suit a variety of demands. Their extensions are created from 100% human remy hair, which can be bleached, coloured, or permed to complement your own natural look. Richy Hair offers clip-in hair in a range of styles and colours.

remy hair extensions brand – richy – 11

Great Lengths

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are available in a variety of lengths and hues, giving users a lot of options. They’re one of the priciest hair extensions on our list, but they’re also of the highest quality. This is the brand to go with if you want entirely tailored pieces that mix in with your natural hair colour.

remy hair extensions
remy hair extensions brand – great lengths – 12


K-hair is a big competitor when it comes to remy hair extensions because of their exceptional quality of remy hair extensions and the most affordable prices out of all the brands above. They offer all kinds of remy hair extensions, including tape in, clip in and flat wig or ponytail with various colours and styles. This is a brand that you will not want to miss out. 

remy hair extensions
remy hair extensions brand – k-hair – 13

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about remy hair extensions. We hope that you find this post helpful and please let us know if you have any opinion in the section below.

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