Wholesale Hair Extensions Vietnam – Best Choice For Your Business

The desire for hair extensions is huge, and those who can profit from this trend will succeed in the hair industry. Because of this, bulk hair extensions enjoy a good reputation both locally and abroad. As a result, the market for wholesale hair extensions has grown significantly, which has resulted in the development of hundreds of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

  1. An overview of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

There is a vast variety of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam available on the market right now, each with unique features and attributes. When getting wholesale hair extensions Vietnam, bear the following in mind.

1.1. The market of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

Many best human hair extensions have selected the Vietnamese hair factory as their source of supply in recent years. There are a few factors that contribute to the popularity of Vietnamese hair factory products among wholesale hair retailers. Due to its exceptional quality, many wholesale hair sellers from different continents, including Africa, Europe, and Asia, choose wholesale hair extensions Vietnam.

Vietnam was the seventh-largest exporter of false hair in the world in 2020, according to the OEC, exporting fake hair worth $47 million. Fake hair was in fact the 357th most often delivered commodity from Vietnam that year. 

The United States ($24.7 million), Russia ($5.26 million), South Korea ($4.52 million), Japan ($2.2 million), and Czechia ($1.54 million) are the top five countries where Vietnamese hair companies export fake hair. 

The United States, Russia, and China were the three countries with which the Vietnamese hair factory’s commerce increased most quickly between 2019 and 2020.

1.2. The classification wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

Wholesale hair extensions Vietnam also split the hair into three primary categories, which are: Vietnamese virgin hair is hair that has only been obtained from ONE individual and has not undergone any sort of chemical processing. 

Remy hair collected from two to three donors and combed in the same direction by skilled hairstylists makes up Vietnamese remy hair. Vietnamese non-remy hair is a mixture of hair from several donors that has been styled in various ways.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair is of the greatest quality and costs the most, whereas Vietnamese. Wholesale hair extensions Vietnam do not sell non-Remy hair, which is the least expensive and of the lowest quality, in contrast to wholesale hair extensions China. While Vietnamese Remy Hair from wholesale hair extensions Vietnam is the most popular with wholesalers because to its excellent quality and affordable pricing (not too expensive or too cheap). These three Vietnamese hair kinds differ from one another due to their homogeneity in texture and color. Because of this, Vietnamese hair is less likely to shed, is tangle-free, and develops a gorgeous, even color throughout when bleached or dyed.

  1. What makes the difference of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam?

Due to the high quality hair at affordable costs, wholesale hair extensions Vietnam are regarded as the greatest hair suppliers in the world. Vietnamese hair factories are a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for a hair vendor.

2.1. The quality of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

Vietnamese women having long hair only need to supply it to the nation’s hair factories for sale. Wholesale hair extensions Vietnam also employ 100% human hair that has not been processed, that has been acquired from healthy donors, and that is free of eggs and lice in the creation of Vietnamese raw hair. In addition, due to their healthy lifestyle, diet, and hair washing by a herber, Vietnamese women’s hair appears exceptionally silky, healthy, and strong naturally. 

Therefore, human virgin hair, which is very strong and resilient and can be coloured or curled to match any color or texture, is frequently used to make Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese Hair Factory offers the most reasonable and consistent costs as a result, not the lowest. ​​

The facilities that produce hair in wholesale hair extensions Vietnam employ a large number of experts with years of industry experience. To guarantee that the hair produced by wholesale hair extensions Vietnam is of a high caliber, they will aid them in choosing the finest hair suppliers and closely watch the input and output quality of the hair.

2.2. The price of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

The wholesale hair extensions Vietnam is recognized for its inventive application of modern technology and its multicultural workforce. These help to reduce the cost of Vietnamese human hair, increasing your earnings. 

When compared to other wholesale extensions like wholesale hair extensions Canada, which is one of the largest hair extension companies in the world, the biggest wholesale hair extensions Vietnam do not in any way offer Vietnamese hair at the lowest costs on the market.. However, hold off on expressing your dissatisfaction because a low price typically means the product is of poor quality. The prices for wholesale hair extensions Vietnam are really the most reasonable – not the lowest! Vietnam is the only country where you can find excellent human hair extensions at such low prices!

  1. Top 3 reliable wholesale hair extensions Vietnam

Here is a list of the top 3 wholesale hair extensions Vietnam, ranked according to product quality, positive customer feedback, and cost.

3.1. K-Hair – Top #1 Vietnamese hair extensions

K-HAIR has risen to the top of the list of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam in recent years. One of wholesale hair extensions Vietnam is K-hair factory, which supplies wholesale orders to all dealers across the world. The primary markets for K-hair Vietnamese Hair Factory are in America, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.).

Over the past several years, our wholesale hair extension has been well-known worldwide among wholesale customers and on social media. Customers from different nations consider K-hair wholesale hair extensions Vietnam to be one of their “reliable suppliers” as a result of their competitive pricing, excellent quality, and guarantee policy.

3.2. 5S Hair – The first Vietnamese hair extensions

A seasoned businessman in the hair industry named Mr. ADAM SMITH, CEO, founded the first wholesale hair extensions Vietnam. 5S wholesale hair extensions Vietnam, which offers 100% high-quality Vietnamese raw bulk virgin hair, weft hair, curly wavy hair extensions, lace closure frontals, and human lace wigs to wholesale hair sellers all over the world, serves the African market in particular (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.). 

All of the hair equipment is imported from America, Japan, and Korea to guarantee the greatest quality hair possible. High-quality, all-natural solutions that are perfectly safe to use are used to bleach and color hair. Vietnamese hair is strong and may be colored to match European color standards.

3.3. Queen Hair – Best reliable Vietnamese hair extensions

Queen Hair – wholesale hair extensions Vietnam has more than five years of experience producing and distributing hair extensions. They take great pride in their high-quality, supposedly 100% human hair goods. It has been their commitment to their clients and to themselves since the beginning.

Queen Hair also contracts with Vietnamese women in the locations where they grow their hair in order to give us a bountiful supply of hair. Buying hair in bulk will enable us to get the best possible price. So that you may successfully run your hair business, we provide all wholesale hair dealers a reasonable price.

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