The best Human Hair Extension Clip-in – The trending of 2022

Human Hair Extension Clip-in gives women the best comfortable sense when applying because of its convenience and reasonability. Moreover, Human Hair Extension Clip-in owns the first-rate quality experts, Human Hair Extension Clip-in is considered the top trending type of 2021. 

The best Human Hair Extension Clip-in - The trending of 2021

The best Human Hair Extension Clip-in – The trending of 2021

Overview about Human Hair Extension Clip-in 

If you are a newbie in the Hair Extension world and want to invest in this market for the first time, I swear this following is extremely useful for you! 

Overview about Human Hair Extension Clip-in 

Overview about Human Hair Extension Clip-in 

Definition of Human Hair Extension Clip-in 

The Human Hair Extension Clip-in, called Clip-ins Weave, is a processing method that allows the human hair to be easily placed on natural real hair on several small pressure sensing clips. Clipped sets of hair extensions include hair wefts of various sizes, ranging from one, two, three, and four clips. 

This attachment method is very popular in the fashion industry. The idea is that it keeps the hair extensions on the clip and is very easy to apply. And they are to be perfectly mixed with your natural hair to create the perfect look for you. This method is the least persistent and requires Human Hair Extension Clip-in to be removed every night before going to bed. 

The main feature of Human Hair Extension Clip-in 

There are two types of Clip-in Human Hair Extension: 

Two types of Clip-in Human Hair Extension

Two types of Clip-in Human Hair Extension

  • Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extension.
  • Clip-in Non-Remy Human Hair Extension.

The clip-ins hair is mainly produced from fullest hair and classified thinly on a piece of the clip into each piece (50g per piece). 

Human Hair Extension Clip-in is provided by many female donors and is collected with due care to ensure containment quality and ensure that the cuticle is undamaged. 

Hair is completely soft and does not get entangled or slipped off. Insert into the package that contains 20 pieces. If you have thick hair, we recommend 12 packs. If it is thin, we recommend 24 packs. 

The average length is available from 18 inches to 8 to 30 inches. 

Human Hair Extension Clip-in

Human Hair Extension Clip-in

Pros and cons when purchasing Human Hair Extension Clip-in 


  • Human Hair Extension Clip-in can be installed or removed whenever you like. Slide in the clips to install and gently slide them out when you’re done. 
  • They can be washed, dried, and styled just like your own hair, experience minimal shedding, and can be worn an infinite number of times. 
  • Always being in stock in the market with a large number of quantities. 
  • Have various types which are suitable for each personal budget. 
  • Reasonable prices with high quality. 
  • It’s not mixed with different hair types or synthetic hair. 


  • Styling and wearing more hair than usual can be an unpleasant adjustment at first.
  • The clip-ins hair cannot be worn 24 hours a day.
  • They can definitely be pricey. 
  •  Extensions must be maintained daily to sustain extensions.

What is the difference between Human Hair Extension Clip-in and Tape-in? 

The difference between Human Hair Extension Clip-in and Tape-in

The difference between Human Hair Extension Clip-in and Tape-in

How can I use Human Hair Extension Clip-in? 

Step to apply Human Hair Extension Clip-in

Step to apply Human Hair Extension Clip-in

Clip-ins Human Hair Extension is created by the idea of making something easy to wear and remove. Moreover, Clip-ins applying can be done anywhere because it just needs a tailor comb and a mirror. 

  • Step 1 – Divide the hair separately

Starting from the lower part of the back of the head, use a tailor comb or index finger to split the hair equally behind the head, that is, from just below one ear to the second ear (horizontal part).

  • Step 2 – Section your hair

Human Hair Extension Clip-in must be installed from bottom to top. Starting at the lowest point of the hairline, use a tail comb or your fingers to create the part where the hair will be cut.

  • Step 3 – Hair Clipping up

Secure the rest of the hair over your head so it doesn’t get in the way when fitting the weft. 

  • Step 4 – First Weft Preparation 

Get the first piece with the Human Hair Extension Clip-in pack. The first weft is long enough so that the piece can sit along the back of the hairline. Then open all the clips so they are ready to be inserted into your hair. 

  •  Step 5 – After the first piece placement 

Get one of the wider pieces and insert the center clip made just below the parting. Insert snap clips into the hair, not the raw scalp. Snap close the clip and hold the head. Repeat for the rest of the clips.

  • Step 6 – Create a new parting 

Release the hair strand that was out of the way and create the new parting hair. To do this, take a layer of hair about half an inch between each weft layer. Secure the extra hair on your head each time. 

  • Step 7 – Place the remaining hair strands 

Here, insert the remaining strands in the same manner as above. Repeat this process using a new parting for each Human Hair Extension Clip-in piece. 

  • Step 8 – Checking the Gap 

Now that the Human Hair Extension Clip-ins have been installed, move your fingers along the hair to make sure they are flush against the strand along their entire width. If there are gaps, snap open the clip and lift it from the head and reposition the strands. 

  • Step 9 – Place the Side Pieces 

Insert and place the 4 side pieces and take their hair to the border of the face. 

  • Step 10 – Remove the Clip-in from your head

To remove the hair extension clips, snap open all clips and release the hair by lifting it slowly. Do not try to remove the weft without opening all the clips first.

How much does Human Hair Extension Clip-in cost? 

How much does Human Hair Extension Clip-in cost?

How much does Human Hair Extension Clip-in cost?

Many elements determine the price of Human  Human Hair Extension Clip-in. The price list varies by brand, extension length (the longer strand  – the higher price) salon, fees for styling your extensions, and some products containing shipping fees. Usually made from real human hair, you’ll see Clip-ins extensions ranging from 100$ to 500$  for partial extensions at the salon. Other hair extensions for thin hair cost a lot more because they take longer than this type. 

Here I will give you the price list of Human Hair Extension Clip-in from an outstanding Vietnamese Hair Vendor – 5S Hair Vietnam. This company is famous for high-quality products with reasonable prices. 

Example: 8 inch Human Hair Extension Clip-in with Single Drawn Hair level in natural color and natural straight costs for 238$ per package and 8 inches Double Drawn hair with the same type costs 269$ per pack. Each package contains 20 pieces (50g per piece). 

Where can I import Human Hair Extension Clip-in at a wholesale price? 

These are the top three best Hair Extension markets that can supply a large number of Human Hair Clip-ins at the best reasonable wholesale price. 

Vietnamese Hair Vendors 

Vietnamese Hair Vendors 

Vietnamese Hair Vendors 

Vietnamese hairdressing suppliers pride themselves on offering the best quality product at reasonable prices in the international hairdressing market. In recent years, Vietnamese hairdressing suppliers have been ranked among the best hairdressing suppliers in the world, offering the best hairdressing products.

5S Hair Vietnam 

Introduction: Young hair business, but owns a variety of special luxury hair care products. 5S is trying to claim itself in this industry. 

Quality: Supplying 100% high-quality Vietnamese Human Hair Extension products to various types of hair. Like raw virgin hair, weft hair, curly wavy hair, closure and front, human lace wigs.

Contact for more information: 

  • Web:
  • Hotline +84855555348 (CEO ADAM SMITH) 
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hair official

K Hair Factory 

K – Hair is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler in Vietnam, and ranks top 1 in Vietnam’s largest hair factory in 2020. This company has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting hair worldwide. They are always supplying the best hair quality to many salons, retailers, wholesalers, and other factories around the world.


  • 100% Non-Chemical Vietnamese Women’s Hair 
  • Origin mainly from 18-25 years old women in a village in the high mountains, where the hair is not affected by sunlight. 
  • Their hair quality is as durable as the donor’s health. 
  • The hair strand is very thick, soft and silky, and is in high demand for its ability to hold and softness.

Contact for more information: 

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp : +84 85 558 8000 
  • Youtube channel: K-HAIR FACTORY BEST VIETNAM HAIR – YouTube 

Chinese Hair Vendors – U-Nice 

U-Nice is one of the leading vendors supplying Human Hair Extension Clip-in. As one of the leaders in the female hair industry, U-Nice has continued to develop its research and development, marketing and design capabilities, as well as powerful transportation and receiving network system to distribute all of our products on a global scale.

UK Hair Vendors 

The following are the top hairdressing supplier brands selling Human Hair Extensions Clip-ins in the UK. They are a vibrant British company dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality hair for women today. 

BEYOND Hair Vendors

Founded in 2010, Beyond Hair is a Human Hair extension vendor located in the heart of London. The core mission and effort is to provide the best Human hair extensions for women. Available in a variety of textures and colors, the hair is found by high quality and loyal customers, excellent hairdressers, and the best hair Minecraft in the world.

NOX Hair

Nox Hair is a human hair supplier in the UK that provides high-quality products at a premier. The company has built a reputation by supplying high-quality Brazilian hair extensions, Cambodian hair, Peruvian hair, and more. 

Focusing on customer satisfaction, they have dedicated everything to supply the highest quality virgin hair weaves at the highest prices quickly and easily. In fact, customers in London, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and many other countries around the world enjoyed NOX Hair’s quick delivery, intense price competitiveness, bundled products, and excellent quality service.

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