Are vietnamese hair extensions good

Indian, cambodian, chinese, or vietnamese hair extensions? This is a question that many hair extensions lovers all over the world have. Today, let’s discuss vietnamese hair extensions and should you buy vietnamese hair extensions.

I. Guide to vietnamese hair extensions 

If you are a hair extensions seller, vietnamese hair extensions are not strange to you at all, they are one of the biggest sources of hair extensions that are offered to buyers all over the world.  Some people may not be familiar with vietnamese hair extensions, but they are the stars in many parts of the world including Nigeria, South Africa, America and Europe. 

vietnamese hair extensions
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What is vietnamese hair extensions

To know better, let’s find out what is the origin of vietnamese hair extensions. The vietnamese hair extensions are collected from 100% remy vietnamese human hair with the best quality and 100% aligned culticles. 

They are taken from vietnamese women from the age of 18 to 26 years old. Vietnamese women have taken very good care of their hair since they were little. All the donors of vietnamese hair extensions have to go through a strict test in order to assure the quality of the hair.

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Today, vietnamese hair extensions are ranked as one of the best quality hair extensions in the world, but come with affordable prices compared with indian and cambodian hair extensions.

The characteristics of vietnamese hair extensions

Let’s go deeper to the specific characteristics of vietnamese hair extensions to see if vietnamese hair extensions good for us to trust.

vietnamese hair extensions
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The vietnamese hair extensions contain outstanding features that other types of hair extensions are hard to achieve:

  • Thick and smooth texture: The vietnamese hair contains texture that you’ll fall in love with. They are strong, smooth and thick, and will help you attract all the looks when you wear it.
  • Natural black colour: The vietnamese hair extensions contain a beautiful natural beautiful black colour that fits right to the hair of people who are born with black hair. 
  • Various lengths: The vietnamese hair extensions come with many choices of length for you to choose.
  • Easy to dye and style: As the base of the hair is healthy and strong, plus the natural colour is perfect for dyeing so it will come out with the exact colour that you want but still remains its smooth and shiny texture. They are very easy to take care of as well. 
  • Affordable prices: As we’ve mentioned above, vietnamese hair has a quality that may even reach the highest, but its price is so much more affordable than other types of hair extensions. 

These amazing standards have made vietnamese hair the number one aim for hair extensions lovers all over the world. 

Are vietnamese hair extensions good

So, to answer the question: are vietnamese hair extensions good? Our answer is: Absolutely YES! Unlike India or China, where they mass produce hair extensions and lead to the fact that quality indian hair chinese hair extensions are hard to find; vietnamese hair extensions are not mass produced but are collected and produced in the highest surveillance to make sure they come to your hand in the best quality.

vietnamese hair extensions
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II. How to buy quality vietnamese hair extensions

However, it doesn’t mean that every seller that sells vietnamese hair extensions is a good seller that we can put our trust in. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you with that. We’ve done some investigation and found out the ways that we can apply to find quality vietnamese hair extensions brands and also several vietnamese hair extensions brands that we find trusted and loved by many hair extensions lovers. 

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Tips to find a quality vietnamese hair extensions brand

Here are several tips to help you find a quality vietnamese hair extensions brand:

  • Investigate carefully about vietnamese hair extensions before buying
  • Ask a hair extensions professional that you can trust
  • Find a vietnamese hair extensions seller that have direct contact with vietnamese hair distributor
  • Find out the average cost of vietnamese hair extensions
  • Find the website of the vietnamese hair extensions brand
  • Pay attention to the product information, customer feedback, customer service and shopping policy
vietnamese hair extensions
Vietnamese hair extensions application – 6

Now you’ve learned how to buy vietnamese hair extensions like a pro. If you find it hard to find a vietnamese hair extensions brand that you can trust, you can take a look at our recommended brands below. 

Recommended vietnamese hair extensions brands

We’ve asked hair extensions lovers all over the world to see their favourite vietnamese hair extensions brands, here are they:


K-hair is the number one vietnamese hair distributor in Vietnam. They offer Remy vietnamese hair extensions that are made from 100% human hair. K-hair has been in the industry for more than 30 years and they have the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. The hair products come with various lengths, styles and colours for you to choose from. The hair extensions have an excellent quality but with affordable prices compared with other sellers. They have exceptional customer support as well. You can search for their website online and also read their blogs to discover amazing hair extensions tips. 

vietnamese hair extensions
vietnamese hair extensions brand – k-hair – 7

Beequeen hair

Beequeenhair offers a variety of goods in varying lengths, hues, textures, and thicknesses. The brand emphasises delivering 100% Remy hair from 100% Vietnamese ladies. When you visit the website, it walks you through a series of steps to help you better understand your needs and provides simple directions. Individual hair extensions as well as hair extensions in a pack are available. Each item comes in a range of textures and designs. Every product has a pricing range that varies depending on the length, number of strands, and colour. 

Apo hair

APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was founded in 2011 and has been steadily increasing in the international market since then. The hair listed on the website is 100 percent virgin Vietnamese human hair that has not been chemically processed. Once you’ve arrived at the website, follow the step-by-step instructions to find the product you want. They offer a diverse selection of items in a variety of textures and styles. For your convenience, each product has a thorough explanation as well as a video. The costs are really affordable and adaptable. They provide a 24-hour customer service centre and a simple seven-day return policy.

vietnamese hair extensions
vietnamese hair extensions brand – apo hair – 8

Lewigs hair

Lewigs is another well-known name in the human hair augmentation and replacement industry. They provide high-quality, custom-made hair extensions and hairpieces to assist customers overcome their phobia of hair loss. They also believe in creating job possibilities for the rural population, which is struggling to make ends meet. The company distributes items for both men and women, making it one of the most diverse and inclusive hair companies. In addition to what is accessible in the catalogue, the company offers the option of ordering custom-made products to meet your specific needs. Many articles on the website include advice on hair care, tips & tricks, and styling ideas.

vietnamese hair extensions brand – lewigs – 9

Anka hair

Anka Hair JSC is a wholesale hair supplier specialising in 100% Remy and Yaki human hair from Vietnam. They guarantee to deliver high-quality, natural, and unprocessed items. Machine weft hair, double drawn bulk hair, hair wigs, and other items are among their primary offerings. They also sell synthetic hair in a variety of hues and textures in bulk. In terms of product specifications, the website is extremely informative. The finest aspect is that each product’s description includes a list of advantages and disadvantages for your convenience. Their bilingual customer service, which answers questions from clients all over the world, is a standout feature. A seven-day return/exchange or refund policy is in place.

vietnamese hair extensions
vietnamese hair extensions brand – ankahair – 10

We hope that you find this article helpful when buying your favourite vietnamese hair extensions in the future. Please share your opinion with us below.

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