Human hair extensions ombre: The trendy hair color for many years

In the hair market, Human hair extensions ombre is no doubt the most on-trend hair color.. Human beings living in the age of a large number of hair trends set annually tend to have some changes in hair color to keep up with others. For many years, ombre has been chosen to be the most popular color in favor among enthusiasts and the reason is being clarified in this writing.


Human hair extensions ombre has been a trendy hair color for years

Top 5 Human hair extensions ombre vendors all over the world 

There are numerous Human hair extensions ombre vendors all over the world but some of them are right now in the dominant position. Here are the list of Top 5 reliable Human hair extensions ombre vendors for your consultation:

  • Top 1: London Virgin Hair
  • Top 2: K-Hair
  • Top 3: Aleriana Wigs and Hair
  • Top 4: SGI Hair
  • Top 5: Kabelu Hair


London Virgin Hair – A Well-known Human hair extensions ombre vendor in the UK

London Virgin Hair is one of the most reputable suppliers in the UK with their main products are luxury hair extensions, including Human hair extensions ombre. With point in business is to fight the view that premium quality must have a premium price tag, their leading concerns is about the hair source and professional packaging


LVH is the business supplying you luxurious hair items

Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @LdnVirginHair
  • Instagram: @londonvirginhair

K-Hair – the biggest company for your high-quality Human hair extensions ombre in Viet Nam

K-Hair is the dominant distributor in Vietnamese hair extensions market. They export Human hair extensions ombre items to many countries and territories in the world, especially to Nigeria, where the population have the most in demand hair extensions usage. With the motto “Quality is King”, K-Hair always gives priority to quality over any consideration. Contact them to experience the high-quality products at a reasonable price


K-Hair is famous for its high quality hair products

Contact for more information

  • Website:
  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Whatsapp: +84855588000

Aleriana Wigs and Hair – A Trustful European Human hair extensions ombre Vendor 

Founded in 1969 in Argentina,  Aleriana Wigs and Hair is a manufacturer of high quality human and synthetic hair wigs for women since 1990. They buy and distribute European and American hair in large quantities. Their main markets are North America, South America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.


A Trustful European Human hair extensions ombre Vendor

 Contact information:

  • Telephone: 54-11-42821760
  • Fax Number: 54-11-42820549


SGI Hair – one of the largest Indian Hair Manufacturer and Raw Indian Hair Vendor from India.

SGI Hair are leading Manufacturers & Exporters Natural Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extension Supplier in India. Their main products are Virgin Indian Human Hair, Weave, Curly Blond, Long hair, Lace Closures, Lace Frontals, Front Lace Wigs which are quiet cheap but the quality is not so good as hair sauces in other countries


SGI Hair is a well-known company in India

 Contact for more information:

  • Telephone: (+91) 98843 33534
  • Gmail:
  • Website:

Kabeilu Hair – a Vendor in China supplying qualified Human hair extensions ombre

Kabeilu Hair is a professional human hair supplier specialized in high quality virgin human hair products for nearly 13 years. Their products are multiform in styles, length and colors. Kabeilu Hair is a trustworthy hair company committing excellent service to customers. Besides, It is a really proper trader for start up hair business because the wholesale price is supportive


Kabeilu is a reliable hair factory in China

 Contact information:

  • Telephone: +8613822131794
  • Gmail:
  • Website:


Why has Human hair extensions ombre become trendy for many years?

During trends seasons, “ombre” becomes one of the hottest hair colors in salons. Almost every woman wants to dye their hair ombre because they want an amazing mixed hair color. However, if you are the first-time customer to have a dyeing hair, you should have a comprehensive knowledge about Human hair extensions ombre

Pros and cons of using Human hair extensions ombre

It’s probably the most on-trend hair color but there are some significant things that you should take into consideration before making decision

What is the term “Human hair extensions ombre” ?

Term Human hair extensions are exactly the same as what you see how it’s typed. They are made out of real, human hair from top to bottom, collected from only one donor or two or even many donors.

Some characteristics of human hair extensions: 

  • Taken from healthy donors: Corresponding to the number of donors, human hair extensions are divided into virgin hair (hair is collected from one donor) or remy hair (hair is collected from two or many donors)
  • The hair origin is different among the countries. For instance, in Viet Nam, hair factories come to rural and mountainous areas to ask to buy and collect hair but in India, hair is collected from temples where Hindus women have their hair shaved due to the ritual of shaving one’s head allows you to be closer to God.
  • The price varies from country to country. The higher in quality and scarcity, the more expensive the hair is. 

Indian hair and Vietnamese hair

Human hair extensions ombre are human hair extensions dyed with ombre color which have a darker root that fades into a lighter color on the ends and it looks as smooth as a river flow but not too contrary. There is a variety of Human hair extensions ombre such as clip-in hair, tip/tape-in hair or closure/frontal hair.

Pros and cons of using Human hair extensions ombre

On one hands, Human hair extensions ombre bring you many advantages:

  • Human hair extensions ombre are the most flattering hair color combinations.
  • No touch-up is needed after several weeks as long as your hair roots are naturally dark and coincide with your current-using hair extensions
  • The half dark parts in human hair extensions ombre suit any skin tone so the matter is not your skin tone but your face shape
  • You can style your hair extensions in the ways you like or have them dyed any on-trend colors without damaging your natural hair

Pros and cons of using Human hair extensions ombre

On the other hand, as I have said, if your hair roots don’t coincide with the hair extensions in use, a touch-up is necessary when your roots grow or your head will look like a mess!


How you can yourselves make Human hair extensions ombre at home

Creating a Human hair extensions ombre may be easier when it is done in a factory with the help of technical machines but if your want to make creative combinations on your all, you are absolutely able by following the following directions. One tip for you so that you can carry out the dyeing process more easily: choose Human hair extensions one piece and do one by one


Step to step to dye your hair extensions

  • Firstly, you need a preparation for hair extensions, dye color boxes (2 color you love your hair being), a comb, a bowl, a mixing brush, and some gloves 
  • Step 1: apply the darker color from the top to the middle of your hair extensions. Make sure that the roots are dyed carefully in case they fade easily
  • Step 2: Lie down the hair extensions and brush it down the length to the middle hair sections. You need to practise this step from time to time so that the dye blends well with your hair.
  • Step 3: Flick the brush in vertical direction and gently split the undyed hair in the bottom until the line is blended out. After that, apply the lighter color to the rest hair section.
  • Step 4: Repeat all three above steps on the other side to complete dying process
  • Step 5: Leave dyed hair extensions for certain time so that the dye colors are absorbed perfectly in you hair extensions and then rinse well with shampoo and conditioner so bring a silky and shiny hair

Remember to wear gloves on first steps so as to protect your hand from hazardous chemicals!


Does your face fit Human hair extensions ombre?

Due to the fact that ombre is the combinations between more than one hair colors so in some cases Human hair extensions ombre is not for you

Defining what shape your face is

To identify your face shape, take a look into your face parts: the forehead, the cheekbones, the jawline and the face length. Remember the rules: cheekbones and face length are the same in measurement and so do the forehead and the jawline. Measure them and make a note which is the largest and you will know which shape your face is:

  • Round: Cheekbones and face length are  larger than forehead and jawline. The jaw angle is rounde
  • Square: All measured number is the same (in a appropriate way)
  • Oval: Face length is larger than the cheekbones width and forehead is larger than the jawline
  • Diamond – shape: Face length is the largest part
  • Rectangle – shape: four measurements are the same but your face is slightly longer than its width
  • Heart – shape: your forehead is the widest part and your chin is pointed

Which shape is your face?


Each shape, each appropriate hair color 

Having understood your face shape, you can effortlessly choose the proper hair color.


Which ombre colors suit your faceshape

  • Round: Dark hair color at the cheeks and jaw, lighter one above the forehead
  • Square: Dark color at the forehead and jawline to create a feel of a shorter face
  • Oval: you are so lucky because all hair colors are for you
  • Diamond shape: Highlight at the ears, forehead and jawline. You should try human hair extensions blonde
  • Rectangle shape: Darken hair color at the forehead, highlight from the temple to the jawline
  • Heart – shape: The darker section of the ombre at the top to make your head feel narrower

At which age is Human hair extensions ombre the most popular in use?

Human hair extensions ombre brings customers to the feeling of high-fashion. No matter how old you are, the fabulous mixed light and dark colors are born to sharpen your appearance. But on the whole, people at the age of 18-40 have a tendency to have hair dyed ombre other than other groups of people. The reason maybe is that the young kids are not allowed by their parents to dye and the elderly don’t want any chemicals on their natural hair!


Major consumers of human hair extensions ombre

How to join in wholesale Human hair extensions ombre market as a beginner 

If you are a newbie in the wholesale Human hair extensions ombre market and has an ambition to achieve remarkable goals, keep reading the post and you will find your own way.

Rules in becoming a prestigious wholesale Human hair extensions ombre vendor at the early stage

Some wholesale Human hair extensions ombre vendors beginner sare anxious to expand the business scale quickly so they turn a blind year to quality and just focus on the quantity of exporting products. This is such a big mistake!


How to gain prestige for hair business


Quality is the key

Whatever you are producing, remember the quote “Quality is the key”, especially when your business is in the first period. One thing is taken for granted is that you have to experience ups and downs many times to reach success in business and the early period is the time deciding whether you want to keep going or not. If you don’t pay attention to the quality, for sure, the customer will buy your products once and never.


Quality is key to success


Take priority over customer policy

One more factor you should bear in mind is the customer policy. Whether you choose to believe it or not, bad customer service has a serious impact on your business overall. In the short term, it can affect on a small scale but in the long term it can even damage your reputation. In fact, customers tend to leave a comment after an awful experience than a decent one.


Focus on customer services

Find a trustworthy co-operator in long term

To obtain two rules above, you need to find your business a reliable Human hair extensions ombre supplier not only to assure the input materials but also consult their ways to overcome obstacles. Having a trustworthy distributor also gives your business opportunities to cooperate with other companies in the market so that you can easily export items there and at early stages, you had better find human hair extensions vendors near you for convenient exchanges.


You should find your business a reliable partner


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