Quick and easy hair extensions looks

Once you have got a beautiful hair extension for yourself, wearing it every day will be exciting for the first few weeks; Then you get bored, the only solution is to learn how to create different hair extensions looks. 

I. Hair extensions looks overview

Hair extensions are one of the most essential beauty items for many people all over the world. They are an inseparable item for celebrities and people with short, thin, or no hair. Today, let’s take a better look at the definition of hair extensions, the benefits of hair extensions, and discover quick and easy hair extensions looks to try yourself. 

 hair extensions looks
hair extensions looks overview – 1

What is hair extensions

Hair extensions are wefts of hair that are collected from hair donors. The hair donors need to have strong, healthy hair scalp. There are different types of hair extensions:

  • Raw hair extensions: Raw hair extensions are 100% unprocessed hairs that are taken from one donor
 hair extensions looks
raw hair extensions – 2
  • Virgin hair extensions: Virgin hair extensions are 90-100% unprocessed hairs that are taken from one donor as well
virgin hair extensions – 3
  • Remy hair extensions: Remy hair extensions are 90-100% unprocessed hairs that are taken from a small group of donors
remy hair extensions – 4
  • Non-remy hair extensions: Non-remy hair extensions are highly processed hairs taken from multiple unknown donors. 
 hair extensions looks
non-remy hair extensions – 5

The hair extensions have different ways to apply, such as clip-in, tape-in, glue-in, etc. Each person suits with particular ways of applying hair extensions. Next, let’s figure out the benefits of hair extensions and the quick and easy hair extensions looks to try yourself. 

The benefit of hair extensions

Hair extensions come with great benefits that can completely change your hair with different hair extensions looks. Here are the reasons why many people use hair extensions:

  • They add volume and length to your original hair: This is the main reason why people use hair extensions. Nigerians, South Africans, and Europeans who suffer from thin, short or no hair use hair extensions on a daily basis to help the hair become longer and fuller.
 hair extensions looks
hair extensions before and after – 6
  • They are the perfect way to change hairstyles: Hair extensions can come with different colours and styles for you to choose from, whether you like ombre, or highlights, curly, short, etc. The manufacturer will professionally provide the style of your choice. 
  • They are easy to use: Hair extensions are easy to use, it only takes several minutes to apply and remove hair extensions.
  • They blend well with your natural hair: Hair extensions are real hair so they can mix with your natural hair perfectly.
  • They are easy to care for and preserve: Caring for your hair extensions is just like caring for your own hair. Check out our post of how to care for your hair extensions and how to store your hair extensions for a better understanding. 
 hair extensions looks
hair extensions looks – 7

Even if you are not suffering from thin, short, or no hair, you can still use hair extensions to experience various hair extensions looks without spending loads of money at the hair salon. 

Now you’ve known a little bit more about hair extensions. Next up, let’s discover everything that you need to prepare before digging into quick and easy hair extensions looks.

What to do before trying out quick and easy hair extensions looks

Before your attempt of creating your favorite hair extensions looks, there are a few things that you need to prepare in order to have the best result.

tools to create hair extensions looks -8
  • Tools to create different hair extensions looks: Curling tools, hair straightener or brush are the necessary tools to create new hair extensions looks. Other than those items, hair spray is also needed to maintain the hair moisture after you have done restyling your hair.
  • Wash your original hair before styles with hair extensions to create hair extensions looks you desire: Your hair needs to be washed and dry before applying and styling with hair extensions.
  • Wash hair extensions before applying and styling with different hair extensions looks: Just like your original hair, the hair extensions need to be washed and dried as well. Remember to use hair products that contain natural based and moisturising factors. 
  • Brushing your original hair and the hair extensions: Doing this to remove any hair bumps and tangles for an easy application and seamless creation of hair extensions looks you want. 

After you’ve done everything above, you are ready to rock and roll with the hair extensions looks.

II. Five quick and easy hair extensions looks for you to try

When you have done all of the steps above, the next step is to create the best hair extensions looks you want. Here are some of the hottest hair extensions looks that you can try on a daily basis as well as in special events. They are quick and easy to do and will help you shine wherever you go.

Beach Weave 

This classic style fits with any occasion. It is commonly used to cover the hair extensions application areas, it also makes your hair look fuller. With a curling iron, you can create this style in just a few minutes. You just have to wrap each section of hair around the curling iron and wait for a few seconds to form the wave, you can roll the hair into big waves or small waves depending on the big or small curly style you want your hair to be. 

 hair extensions looks
hair extensions looks – beach weave – 9

Tips: you can style some sections big, and some small to create fluffy and cute hair extensions looks.

Low Pony

This is the simplest style among all the hair extensions looks. Wrap all of the hair and secure it with a ribbon. You can use the smooth ponytail hair extensions combined with a big tie to create a luxurious and elegant look. Use water or hairspray to comb your hair backward. You can also choose to curl or straighten the ponytail. If you are late or want a more flexible look, just tie your hair and the hair extensions into a loose ponytail, add some curls if necessary.

 hair extensions looks
hair extensions looks – low pony – 10


This is one of the basic hair extensions looks to try in the summer. The best braid style that can work when you use hair extensions is a fishtail braid. Divide your hair into two even sections; by sequence, braiding the 2 sides into the middle until the end. And now you have got yourself cute and dynamic hair extensions looks to rock the day with confidence.

 hair extensions looks
hair extensions looks – braid – 11

Half-up Top Knot

This is also one of the simplest hair extensions looks that can add a little more variety and fun to your hair extensions. The key to achieving a half-up topknot with hair extensions is to make sure you leave a layer of hair to cover your extensions. If not, your extensions will definitely become visible when you pull your hair up in a top bun. To create a top bun, pin the hair you want in a ponytail with a small clear ribbon. After that, put this hair in a messy bun and secure it with some bobby pins.

hair extensions looks – haft up top knot – 12


Simply wrap the top section of your hair back into a ponytail. Make sure you leave a layer of hair that covers your extensions, just like the half-up top knot. Braiding the hair you pulled back is one variation on this easy hairdo. You could either braid your entire head of hair or leave it straight. It is also one of the quick and easy hair extensions looks to try. 

hair extensions looks – half up – 13

We hope that our article has helped you somehow. Please share with us your thoughts on hair extensions and your ways of doing hair extensions looks for a stunning result. 

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